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Spring Summer 2014:
Back to Nature

Though a reinterpretation of many Fall Winter 2014 trends was evident, the Spring Summer 2014 runways were unafraid to update and hone the concepts already tried and tested for Fall, with an eye to nature and Spring. Swide selects the best trends of the season.


With financial woes still looming over Europe and civil war and potential escalating conflicts casting a shadow world wide, the fashion set took a step back from the socio economic context this season and focussed on a more constant subject matter: Nature.

Nature is interpreted in a wide variety of terms, from human nature, to mother nature, to nature versus nurture and the natural. The latter perhaps is the most telling of all interpretations, as the collections, from NYC through to Paris possess an elegance which can only be constituted as natural. With the exception of some gimmicky head gear, the woman, the female form as a natural being is celebrated in the collections and emphasized not swamped by overbearing garments or female effacing fashion statements.

Transparencies, figure skimming silhouettes, or light colours, with few exceptions, serve to bring back to the fore the female in a natural sense, encompassing what it means to be a woman.

The colour palette for the season ranges from pastels, with sky blue winning the medal as  number one colour trend, with accents of orange or coral red come fuchsia. White, a summer staple is back on the runway and black keeps dominating the darker end of the scale.

Silhouettes are feminine, figure skimming trumpets or edged with flounces and ruffles. The trousers are soft, billowing palazzo pants or as an alternative maxi skirts, more hippie than yuppie have made a real come back.

When it comes to prints, natural florals dominate the catwalk, many of which come a live like a garden in full bloom. A more humanist approach was embraced by many fashion houses who chose to print contemporary painting on their fashion, first amongst which Prada, or Dolce&Gabbana who celebrated the Magna Graecia with lithographs of ancient Greek temples. Somewhere in between the two polar opposites lie the more optical or tribal prints which were often referenced on the runway.

Though unlike in other seasons there has been no real departure from the previous fashion weeks in terms of trends and silhouettes, the fashion feels fresh, renewed, like a tree blossoming in spring.


Many had seen it coming, and here it is: blue is the new colour for the Spring Summer 2014 season. From pastel baby blue to the more electric deeper shade, blue is a cool and crystalline hue to refresh the summer heat.


Tan enhancing, feminine, virginal or sensual, white is the must have colour for summer in general, and for the 2014 season, the lesson was heeded in the catwalks too. From elegant tailoring to flirty minis white is as versatile and a black canvas.


Black is the new black. Notwithstanding of the summer season, black has conquered the runways for Spring. Whether in all black shows, or broken up by contrasting whites or with feminine hues, black is here to stay.


The floral print: true winner of the spring summer 2014 collections, the pall barer of the season, the essence of the inspiration of many, if not all the designers. As banal as flowers in spring might sound- the novel interpretations, the 3D applications, the hand painted patterns, flowers are more than just flowers this season.


A contemporary take on tribal prints from all over the globe, from Amazonian forest pygmies to African tribes people or Papuasian natives. The naïf prints and patterns served as an inspiration for the season and as a remainder of the art of nature.


In keeping with a more humanist approach, real art works found their space on the catwalks for spring summer 2014. From the museum to the runway, lithographs, especially commissioned paintings and well known works were transposed onto dresses, coats and tops.


In no way futuristic, there’s a good portion of metallics on the Spring Summer 2014 runways. Precious metals like gold, platinum and silver and punctuated with lurex or lamé hues of green, red and blues.


The fringe has made it back to the runway big time for the nest summer season. Forget cowboys, or 1920s flapper girls, here the fringe is fashion forward and versatile. Beaded, shredded leather or made of silk fringes are back from the fringe of fashion.


With globalization, the seasons on the runways have changed. While in one hemisphere it may be hot and stuffy, another is going through the fall and winter, hence summer fur is a big statement on the Spring Summer 2014 runways.


With lace being a constant in recent season and a commercial success across the globe, the fabric has evolved into laser cut, perforated patterns that give the illusions of lace but are in fact even more precious and detailed.


Feminine applications and embroideries decorate everything from accessories to leather jackets and trousers as well as coats, pretty dresses and tops. As a pinnacle of femininity, the applications range from oversize crystals to fabric flowers.


As a development of the tube sleeve and round shoulder combo we saw in the Fall winter 2014 collections, the shoulder shape for summer remains sounded, exaggerated but feminine, not masculine and sharp.


What is more feminine that lingerie? Well almost nothing. The collections, with such a close examination on the natural beauty of a woman cannot but focus on the lingerie look, with sexy slips in sensual fabrics.


As tailoring is sparse this coming Spring Summer season, soft flowing trousers have overtaken skinny pants or jeans. Flowing fabrics, loose silhouettes and summery hues are fresh and refreshing.


In a further ploy to emphasize femininity, skirts with ruffles or flounces are a diversion from the popular trumpet silhouette. Ruffles and volants for a more feminine effect further embellish Midi, knee length and even mini skirts.


More hippie than hipster, the maxi skirt has made a return to the catwalks. Pastel hued, flowing and feminine it is less about being a flower child and more bout being a woman. Comfortable yet alluring, the maxi skirt is the new midi and the new must have.


Start on your abs of steel work outs early this year! Its all about showing odd your bare midriff this summer. Cropped tops, bra lets and all are mixed to flowing palazzo pants, maxi skirts or even an attempt at tailoring.

The duster coat has made a comeback on the Spring Summer 2014 runways. This 50s overcoat staple has been updated for the summer with pretty pastels and rounded shoulders.

Credits: Gorunway


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