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In Case You don’t Make it there: Travel Books

We live only once – unless you are a traveler by profession, you can live vicariously through travelling books. Lonely Planet aside.

I will begin this article by saying, Lonely Planet is over. I had once seen a documentary on how it all began: genius really. Travelers living pointers on worldwide spots. It was probably the best way to do it back then: where else could you get all the information? Hélas, the planet is not so lonely anymore.

Now with the internet, the blogs “expat in Hong Kong” and so on, you can get all the info in the world, or get in such overload that you might decide to create either your own blog or just go with the unknown territory day by day.

This divides travelers in two categories: the schedule lovers and the surprise lovers. I am probably of the second kind. I honestly don’t mind if a bus takes be out of my route by two days, I am sure in the end I will end up seeing something worth while even if it wasn’t planned. The kind who doesn’t mind going to Paris and not seeing the Tour Eiffel because of an unpredictable detour.

This doesn’t mean that adventure lovers and schedule loathers are no tinto learning more about the culture, the history, and the architecture they visit. This kind of traveller does this either before hand or after the voyage with a good book in hand, trust me it beats the tour guides yelling to the crowd: “AAAND on you LEFT! The Taj Mahal!” (thanks, I might have just missed that one).

I have resurrected some cities in my brain thanks to brilliant travel books, this year if you are sitting on a beach with nothing to do but read, do it like I do: read a great travel book. You might even get the feeling you got dirt under your espadrillas.

Top 4 Travel Books to Read this summer:

Parisians by Graham Robb: a study of Paris from 1750 to the present.

Germania by Simon Winder: History of Germany, tale of everything German, fun and playful.

Rome by Robert Hughes, art Critic Hughes chose this very appropriate subject to illustrate the superb and cultural eternal city.

Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Montefiore: a dazzling portrait of the city and its history. Brilliant.

For next year I would on my list, hear me out Travel writers, the same amount of effort in guides related to less known places, another Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin might do. I wish to forget Lonely Planet at home.

By Acelya Yonac

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