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The 2010 iPad: A Star Trek revival?

Want to find out where Apple might have got its inspiration to create your beloved iPad. Well sit down and watch again the classic movie series Star Trek…


The starting point is a need for a control panel with a strict budget constraint. The result is Michael Okuda’s ST:TNG control panel:  a flat screen with no button or technical accessory. The simplest, the better. The original iPad from the seventies did not come from a brilliant fashion sense or a tremendous stylish design desire but from the lack of money. Thanks to Okuda’ s aesthetic talent, the graphic that we know from the movie series is cool even if it has a seventies style stamped on it. A bit retro, surely heavier than Apple’s trendy device, the ancestor of the iPad has nevertheless the privilege of being the first pad ever made. Moreover, an iPad application has recently been launched that recalls Star Trek’ s control panel. To discover that what we thought was the top invention of 2010 is in reality a democratic version of a one-off from the seventies, raises the question that we might be more in a copy/ improvement era than in a revolutionary one.  Swide has found some great articles written by experts for you to read on the beach, at home or in a flying saucer…

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