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Party at MyHouse

David Judaken’s club MyHouse on La Brea Avenue near Hollywood Boulevard seems to finally understand the idea that SHOCK HORROR white faux leather ‘banquettes’, orchids and a bar made of rhinestones does not a party make.

Hollywood’s latest trend is for partying at home, but this being the land of dreams, we don’t mean slippers. Step forward the newest concept in clubbing – partying in a dream house.

Described by Judaken, the club’s owner as, “A place where you can play for the night, and simply leave your key by the door in the morning”- Swide took a look behind the velvet ropes into the space where Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton “talked all night”,  an episode of The Hills was filmed, and where Hollywood night animals such as Lindsay Lohan & John Mayer go when the sun goes down.

The club seeks to offer the intimacy and comforts of a lounge without of course – the good bits – the “hedonistic pleasures of a club”.

A state-of-the-art, contemporary kitchen doubles as the club’s main bar, featuring fully-functional appliances, a wood-covered, triangular ceiling, and the wafting scent of oven-baked cookies for late-night revelers.

A formal dining room, with a central dining room table, sits next to an open fire and exterior patio. This of course being Hollywood, an outdoor Jacuzzi bubbles under the California stars.


Could this be the end to tacky bar staff uniforms? My House waitresses dress in men’s button-down shirts, and gone are the Tom Cruise ‘Cocktail’ style 80’s outfits – in their place bartenders work the nightlife with undone ties, button-down shirts, pin-stripe pants and braces as if they’ve just walked in from a heavy day in the office (or their ex-bankers trying something new?)

1960s architecture, eclectic furniture throughout, and a custom steel table acts as a DJ boot. Welcome to clubbing 2009 style.

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