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Double the Pic Double the Fun

Thank you Glamour Italia, November 2010. Respectively age 5, Domenico Dolce, and 6 years old, Stefano Gabbana, saying hello to the vintage camera.

Stefano Gabbana age 6, for Glamour Italia


Domenico Dolce age 5, for Glamour Italia


A double interview with the designers. Glamour Italia got the quotes, what did they both respectively think of each other’s baby picture? Was it clear that they would become designers? As Stefano Gabbana says, it was clear that Domenico Dolce had it in his genes his father being a tailor, and look at that outfit! Whereas Stefano Gabbana’s jolly side was clear from the start. Don’t you agree?


You gotta love it when someone takes the time to go ramaging in old family pictures.


Source: Glamour Italia, November 2010 issue 

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