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Two Hectic Days in the shoes of Saba Tedla

On the other side of the screen and living the dream; Saba Giliana Tedla, LUISAVIAROMA.COM Project Manager for FIRENZE4EVER, the world’s first and biggest event ever dedicated to top fashion bloggers from all over the world.

Good morning, Upper East wherever you live..
Wanna know more about my work here in Italy and the preparations behind the scenes ?
Keep up with me for two hectic days in my working life.


7:45AM – My alarm rings, all of my alarms ring ! I’m a heavy sleeper so one only just doesn’t
cut it. From bed I’ll check my email, Twitter and Facebook on my Blackberry, I’m always
curious to know about any news right away. I have four email accounts connected to my
phone so waking up maany emails is quite normal. Read, reply, forward, CC..

8:21AM – Finally done with the emails for now. Quick change – off on a powerwalk ! iPod,
Blackberry, keys – check, check, check !

9.07AM – Back home for a shower with any up beat music pumping loud – music is my drug.
At home, at work, on the go. QUICK breakfast, QUICK hair and makeup fixing and I.Am.Out.

10.00AM – This morning I’m off on a waxing treatment before work. Hey hey, summer is here
and it’s time to show those legs off, ladies ! If not anything else, the pain from this will be a
great wake up call. I always leave the office by late closing hours so this is the best time to
run errands and get things done sometimes.

11.00AM – Meeting in the Luisa Via Roma store in Via Roma, Florence with potential partners
for FIRENZE4EVER. I got a good feeling about it whoop whoop

11.35AM – In the cab heading to the office, perfect time to catch up on Twitter and
Facebook. Especially during tourist season like now when it takes ages to drive through the
city centre.

11.45AM – Just reached the office. Back to emailing for hours with the tunes of Adele or
Amyw Winehouse playing in my earphones. Bloggers, suppliers, sponsors, travel agencies,
catering firms, car rentals, hotels.. the list goes on ! But I must say: I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT.

3.00PM – Time for meeting but we are all stuck in phone calls and important emails so it’s
delayed !

3.26PM – The weekly meeting about FIRENZE4EVER with the whole team together. ‘Has this
been done yet ?’ ‘We were offered to do a..’ ‘Let’s make sure this is confirmed ASAP.’ ‘Until
next week I’ll be double checking that..’ With the help of our visual planning board, we can all
easily get a good overlook over deadlines, who is responsible for what and what needs to be
done next.

4.15PM – Still haven’t had lunch.. I’ll grab a cup of tea, answer these last emails, write a
couple of blog posts and then I’m off.

5.00PM – Still haven’t had lunch.. Another tea and a banana. NOW: phone conference with a
company in New York where it’s only 11.00AM still. Lucky Americans – I still need another 6
hours to get the things I wanted done, done today..

5.27PM – Still haven’t had lunch. The hunger has passed. I know I’m bad influence and I
hope that my dad who misses his basketball playing little girlie who always had good
workouts and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners on routine does not read this !

7.43PM – The office is closing, I’m being asked to leave, as usual. Might as well. I need to
rush home and do the last packing before going to bed. I need to wake up at 4.00AM
tomorrow for my flight to Stockholm which leaves at 6.15AM. I need everyones prayers for

8.40PM – Enjoying my favorite tuna salad as my phone is still ringing. Working with people in
different time zones = phone ringing after hours. I don’t mind it most of the time though, I like
to get things over and done with.

10.17PM – Blogging, emailing, facebooking and tweeting from bed. Nightie !



4.00AM – I MADE IT ! Always a relief to wake up on time for flights since I overslept so badly
last December, missing my flight.

5.30AM – Cab, morning tweet, baggage drop off, tweet a bit more, customs, text boyfriend
and family to say I’m on the plane and to pick me up.

6.27AM – Cabin crew, ready for take off. Arrivederci, Italia !

8.13AM – Guten morgen, Germany ! First up: connect to the airport wifi. Check my email.
Make some calls. Then off again. Auf weidersehen !

11.52AM – Landed on Swedish ground which is crazy hot today. I love love love traveling but
here’s no place like home ! Now I’m just running to freshen up a bit, pick up my luggage and
run to see bf who’s waiting outside. Him and his brand new, as in not-even-a-week-old-NEW,
Audi A5 which I haven’t seen yet.

12.24PM – Finally in the arms of the one. As tiring as it can be to go traveling back and forth
all the time, it’s ALL.WORTH.IT. Like one of my adorable friends once said ‘I think distance
relationships are the new black – everyone has it nowadays and no one cries over it’. You
would all love him ! You already do actually. You just don’t know it..
The rest of my day will be all about overdosing on my bf, driving this new car, picking up my
new Nikon D3100, watching the Nordic Championship in basketball, working in between and
going for dinner at this sky high restaurant .

I’m off ! And don’t forget to stop by Luisa Via Roma if you’re ever in Florence.

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