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Mr Dolce & Mr Gabbana “We are designers, not directors”.

The trailer of a movie called “Quando quando quando” just came out in the past few weeks. Followed by rumours: the movie was supposedly produced and directed by the designers. Followed by total hysteria on catching the news, making all editors and bloggers go ballistic. Until that tweet on a midsummer night’s dream.

The summer was filled with rumours and non-stop buzzing. An anonymous trailer was released online. You could see a curvaceous Italian woman (who then appeared to be Monica Bellucci), dressed in Dolce&Gabbana, walking in the streets of Rome. Attracting the eye of all the streetwalkers, pubescent full of hormones, horny sailors, old men. Pigeons flying.

Her heels tapping on the little street cobbles of the historic centre. Walls worn out by the centuries. The sparkling sex appeal of an Italian woman flaming the alleys. An iconic black and white post card from Italy.

Here is the trailer released in August on the web:


The web went crazy especially after a website called quandoquandoquando.com announced the release of a movie produced by Dolce&Gabbana with a countdown to the actual release date. After Tom Ford, there it was: the most famous duo of the fashion system making their mark on movie history. A movie directed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana? Or just produced by? Acting together with Monica Bellucci? When is the actual release date? When will we see it in the States? Why is it called “Quando quando quando”, which means “When when when”, a lover’s cry for affection inspired by the very popular 1962 Italian song interpreted by Tony Renis?

A herd of journalists, editors, bloggers started to come up with explanations, an hypothesis on Hollywood, mixing Italian neo-realism with a more contemporary and glamour aesthetic. Dozens of blogs and magazines increased the news making it this summer’s fashion scoop: a mega movie production “Property of Dolce&Gabbana”. Loads of hypothesis, mostly bizarre ones, creative ones, eccentric ones or suggestive, contributed to this one truth: the fashion system cannot wait to see a movie made by Dolce&Gabbana.

There was no point in trying to contact the designers who were vacationing on board of their yatch, the Regina d’Italia, in the Mediterranean sea: total silence, no comments at all. Some say they were actually annoyed with all the fuss.

And then a cold tweet. An ice-cube shower crushed everything, killed all the enthusiasm, the suppositions people were making up, destroyed all expectations. On an August night, on twitter.com/stefanogabbana, the designer’s personal twitter account, the following tweet appeared: "I'm sorry, I love movies but me and Domenico are not movie directors. We love to be only fashion designers."

So who filmed the trailer? What’s it all about? Where does it come from? All a mystery, like the midsummer night’s tweet.


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