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Dress Me Up Madrid

Amazing. This is how I can start and end this article if I want to keep it short, without losing any details.

I was invited by the lovely Swide team to go to Madrid not as a Dolce&Gabbana PR but as a Swide one. Me, who loves different tasks, fell in love with this idea at first glance. I had my reasons though:

1. I had never been in Madrid before so it was a good opportunity to visit

2. My knowledge of Spanish bloggers was scarse so I could enlarge my network.

How did it go? Well, “desayuna con diamentes” is my new motto now that I met Jana Glamurama, the famous blogger behind the blog “La Ventana de Jana Glamurama”. As soon as she entered to the store, I knew I had to meet her: she had long blonde hair, a pink hair band with a huge flower attached to it and a long white dress. The only problem was that everybody was getting in line to take pictures of her, talk to her, exchange ideas on digital communication and such. So I worked my charm and got two Martini Royal Cocktails and walked towards her. It was love at first glance, we talked for hours (hint: she is coming soon in Milan) and she introduced me to lovely people. Like Mayka Sanchez, the director of “Woman” magazine with whom I talked about fashion in Madrid, the development of the city from the industrial point of view, the city itself and of course… the event.
As our 4 fabulous bloggers, Lara, Isabel, Monica and Silvia were busy designing our store windows with the help of our visual merchandiser, I had time to get to know the famous Carmen Lomana: in Dolce&Gabbana from top to toe. She reminded us of what elegance is and how Dolce&Gabbana should be: confident, charming and with quite a big fan base (everybody had a picture taken with her, she got interviewed, the paparazzis infested the streets, hello! I need this attention too!)

Natasha Slater’s music got us off the hook, I found myself dancing the night away with Pilar, another strong, sexy Dolce&Gabbana woman. The upcoming bloggers were all very excited about this event: Roberto Sena from Life Behavior, Pio Rodriguez Boserman from MariaCarla in Wonderland, Nelly from Just in My Handbag and some others that still have to drop me an email with their contacts (introduction into PR: get yourselves a business card!). I am curious to see the pictures that team took of all this glamorous happening.

The surprise of the night? Or cherry on the cake let’s say… Me, being a huge fan of Almodovar, wanted to discuss the Spanish Cinema Industry with the press (be it Glamour, be it Vogue), so everytime I was asked if I like Spain, my answer was short and precise: I love Almodovar, how can I not like Spain? So what happened? Lovely Pilar (my girl!) with her charming smile came up to me and said: ‘Why don’t you meet the new Almodovar star, Jan…’ and I completed her sentence: ‘JAN CORNET!’ Bingo. He said he was wearing Dolce&Gabbana from top to toe at Cannes. The movie is out in France on September so of course, I made friends and got his contacts. Watch this space because me as iwork4dg will be doing an interview with him on this new Almodovar movie soon.

Just before I finish this article… Have you heard of the new ‘happening’ ADDA on the internet? David Martin’s teamed up with Sebastien Sauve to create a new platform, a digital magazine with roots in the actual world. I met all the group at the event and noted their names down for an upcoming interview.

Ok so now I have to go, I have to meet some more bloggers for breakfast. I hope Jana will be there so that we both can taste those diamonds! 

Written by iwork4dg 

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