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Dolce & Gabbana’s Heritage: The Video

If you were to collect fashion impressions on Dolce&Gabbana’s heritage, what would the outcome be? A glorious video of the Italian brand’s unforgettable moments and signature looks.

Almost like a fashion quiz. The setting: anywhere you can spot fashion lovers. The question: what’s Dolce&Gabbana’s heritage? The answer: well none other than the designer duo’s legacy to recent fashion history. Think feminine, think leopard, think much more. It’s hard to incapsulate a brand’s dna in just a word, a video might give an overview, but what is actually the easiest is to recreate that unmistakable essence: like recognizing a perfume from its bottle. A tale of Gorgeous Women, Intimate Reinvention, Signature Lace&Leopard, Innovative Mix&Match and Tailoring Games.

Is it just imagery or can it be something that goes beyond a shape, a print, a cut? What differentiates a Dolce&Gabbana leopard print dress from other leopard print dresses? What is a Dolce&Gabbana dress?

What sort of dreams can you have when wearing Dolce&Gabbana? What kind of women will you be?

Heritage is what will remain of Dolce&Gabbana, heritage is its dna, it’s what makes you scream down a red carpet: that’s a Dolce&Gabbana!

It’s feminine, it’s sensual, it’s the corset dress, it’s the leopard print, it’s the masculine tailoring, it’s something impossible to explain in words… Therefore, just let your imagination follow the visuals.

The answers? Aren’t as important as the excitement the question creates on women or famous bloggers alike. An answer of its o(h)wn.


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