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When top fashion bloggers take over the show rooms

Just before the Spring Summer 2013 womenswear fashion show in September we invited top fashion bloggers to the Dolce&Gabbana press showroom, and here’s what happened.

Dolce&Gabbana have an unprecedented good relationship with the blogging sphere, steeped within the brand’s tradition of innovation and even breaking boundaries. In September, Dolce&Gabbana have let loose some of the world’s best-known bloggers in their showroom.

bryan-boy-at-dolce-gabbana-showroomBryan Grey-Yambao, aka Bryan Boy is eclectic and unpredictable. Attracted to everything that sparkles, like a magpie he is truly unconventional. Many regard him as the first blogger, he certainly is of a strong inspiration and definitely avant garde tank to his very personal way of communicating and interpreting the Seasons trends. Filipino by birth, Bryan has been adopted by the fashion system and is a permanent fixture on the front rows of the best International fashion houses. Recently he was a guest judge on the hit shoe America’s Next Top Model, launching him in the entertainment industry. There’s a reciprocal passion with Dolce&Gabbana and most recently Bryan interpreted many different roles in a video project named iwork4dg, with his usual panache and humour. Bryan chose a beaver fur cape, cross-stitched leopard print Dolce Bag and Matt Silk Sunglasses from the Fall Winter 2013 Dolce&Gabbana Collection.            

nicole-warne-at-dolce-gabbana-showroom“Nicole Warne is the owner and creative force behind Gary Pepper Vintage Blog who set out with one dream in mind – to travel the world sourcing beautiful vintage pieces and meeting interesting new people along the way.” She’s young and fresh with delicate oriental features. In her made in Australia blog she interprets looks that are in line with her aesthetic, romantic but original, with a lot of attention to detail. She represents perfectly the romantic and feminine soul of Dolce&Gabbana, as we can see with her choice of outfit: a cross-stitched two-piece mini skirt suit with bold red roses, and a matching Sicily bag.

meric-kocuk-at-dolce-gabbana-showroomWith large dreamy eyes and a beautiful smile Meric or Maritsa, the name she signs on her Istanbul fashion blog, has a very string Dolce&Gabbana look. Her blog is young, yet with her fresh and well-researched looks she hasn’t taken long to be noticed. While in the showroom, Meric chose a sumptuous rust coloured leopard print silk chiffon dress, with dropped waist. She accessorised with a sky blue Sicily slim and Matt Silk sunglasses.


Very blond and very young, she is only 18, this Swiss blogger looks like a porcelain doll. She has a lot of character, and a diva attitude which characterize her style. She seems perfectly comfortable in leopard print or lace, depending on her mood. For the Spring Summer 2013 fashion show, Kristina opted for a wool lace top with white lace trim and a stunning floral and putti print organza puffy skirt.

This is the first installment of a 3 part series- stay tuned for more from your favourite bloggers.

Written by: iwork4dg

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