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Fall Winter 2014: A wish list for women

Fall Winter 2014: A wish list for women

As all forward looking fashionistas, our editor Valentina Zannoni is planning her Autumn shopping with the precision dedicated to an invasion campaign, or at the very least a defence operation. Here are her five must haves from the Dolce&Gabbana FW 2014 collection.

As a lover of fashion, but not so much of shopping (I know its scandalous) I take to organising my seasonal wardrobe additions with precision and method. Though I’m not averse to the impulse buy per se (my closet is full of un-wearable shoes bought on a whim or worse, in a particularly intense session of retail therapy), but I generally like to plan ahead. Whether I fill in a spread sheet, or gaze at print outs stuck to my fridge with a magnet, here are the 5 things I cannot do without once the collection arrives in store.

Dolce Coat: double-breasted, small collar lapels, padded hips below the knee, warm for the first autumnal chills- this is my coat of choice for the Fall Winter 2014 season. Though I’m not lacking in terms of natural hips, the silhouette is infinitely chic and will work with both trousers and dresses.

 Red Dome Dress: though not one of the most show stopping pieces from the red portion of the collection, this dress is possibly my favourite piece from the entire season. I gasped when I saw it emerge on the catwalk, the silhouette, the little capped sleeves, the glistening red silk brocade- I just have to have it.

Gold Filigree Bellucci Sling Backs: delicate leaf like filigree which would make Cinderella’s crystal slippers pale in comparison, will be my biggest indulgence by far from the collection. They’ll look perfect with the aforementioned red dome dress, and will remain as a central piece of my archive which I will look back on when I’m old and grey.

 Mosaic Agatha Bag: The Mosaics collection- with a name like that I could not but covet one of the mouth wateringly beautiful sequins mosaic accessories. The Agatha bag, named after the Patron Saint of Catania, and the corner stone of the collection- this traditional purse, with a Dolce&Gabbana twist and a prized piece.

 Bijoux: religious themed jewellery is not my favourite, but this particular cross pendant necklace with its matching earrings are just to die for. Embellished with majolica medals depicting iconographic scenes, the necklace and earrings will compliment most looks, and update any old favourite like one of my many LBDs. I would wear them separately for work and then pile them on for the evening.


Credits: Dolce&Gabbana 

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