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Film follows first woman to surf Iran

A documentary featuring the first woman to surf in Iran is due to air on French television next month. The film by French film-maker Marion Poizeau charts the historical surf adventure by Irish woman Easkey Britton who travelled to the coastal town of Chabahar in Southern Iran last September.

Accomplished surfer and big-wave rider Britton is passionate about the sport of surfing and was delighted about the reaction the locals had to seeing surfing for the first time. All though she was initially a little worried about what the locals would say, apparently the beach along which she was surfing was packed with local fishermen and villagers all of whom were enthralled with the wave-riding spectacle. When the police turned up it was only to ensure that she was safe and that she knew about the presence of rocks on the beach.


Britton is a child of the surf, coming from one of the families that pioneered big-wave surfing in Ireland, she is named after one of the off-shore breaks in the West of Ireland and first got on a surfboard at the age of 4. Britton has surfed places like Teahupoo and Backdoor and is the first Irish woman to be nominated for the Billabong XXL Awards, she has achieved a great deal in her surfing career at the age of only 21.

Now Easkey Britton wants to teach women to surf in places where there is no surf culture. She told BBC: There is a small surf culture in Bangladesh and India. Women and girls are learning to surf in the most extreme of conditions – such as in the Gaza Strip. I especially want to teach in places where people do not normally have the opportunity to learn”

Gazza has nurtured a small community of about 30 surfers over the last two decades. In the mid 80’s a fisherman and carpenter called Mohammed Abu Jayab built his own surf board out of wood trying to emulate surfers he saw on TV, the result was an awkward and heavy long board but he stuck with it and taught himself to surf, he now has a real board, but is lucky to have it, the number of surfers in Gazza is limited by the amount of boards available. In a city where life is marked by struggle and conflict, surfing gives young people and outlet and according to them an overwhelming sense of freedom.




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