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Top 10
motorcycle helmets
for 2013

Top 10  motorcycle helmets  for 2013

Carbon fibre is everywhere in the motor industry these days, and it has made helmets lighter, tougher, more functional and more beautiful . Swide has the top10 motorcycle helmets on the market 2013.


Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-ARAI-XC


If you like an open face helmet then Arai can offer one that offers maximaum stability and safety possible. It’s a stunning looking, aerodynamic design made of CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell-fiberglass composite which is stronger and lighter allowing for lighter, more comfortable inner materials. Front TDF-2 intake vents and the DDL-4 exhaust vents are lifted from the RX-Q. Side cowl exhausts complete the ventilation upgrade.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Schuberth-C3

Schuberth C3

The outer shell is manufactured using Schuberth’s typical compression moulding process and thus permits great stability and a low weight. Glass fibre with a special resin added is compressed in a vacuum at high pressure to form a helmet shell which is exceptionally sturdy. The helmet shell of special EPS foam is modular in design to ensure optimal shock absorption. This complex segmentation guarantees enhanced force absorption and distribution and maximum safety. The visor has condensation-free double glazzing technology with a ‘city’ position for driving slowly.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Nexx-XR1R-Carbon

Nexx XR1R Carbon

This award-winning full-face helmet from Nexx is lightweight at only 1.2 kg because of its carbon fibre construction. It has 2 inlets and 4 outlets air-vents (Air Dynamic System) and removable and washable lining and anti-noise cheekpads. High on functionality and safety, low on unecessary gizmos. For the money, one of the best on the market.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Nexx-XR1R-Carbon

Shoei Neotec Modular

The Neotec gives you the versatiliuty and usability of a flip-up helmet with the stability and safety of a full-face. With an enlarged lock release button it’s easier to flip-up with gloves, the slimmed down size and tapered chin bar pass for full-face size when closed. Built-in QSV-1 sun shield gives riders instant relief from sun with a large switch that activates the 3D injection-muolded inner shield, and the distortion-free, anti-fog, scratch-resistant view blocks 99% UV rays.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Nolan-N86.

Nolan N86

Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer is associated with the Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri, who have used them during the course of their careers and for good reason too. The motor accessories company is 100% made in Italy and its product enjoy all the high standard of quality control associated with that. The N86 has a polycarbonate shell that is well rounded to an aerodynamic shape and has a rear spoiler for stability at high speed. CLosable vents in the chin allow fresh air in while exhaled air exits through the rear keeping your face cool. The visor offers UV400 protection and the ati-scratch windshield i salso anti-fog while inside there’s a removable, washable Clima comfort liner, with an anti-bacterial treatment. A good choice either for first timers of life-long enthuiasts, it’s lightweight and a at its midium pricing is excellent value.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Nolan-N104-Modular

Nolan N104 Modular

To some flip up helmets are too noisy and a bit flimsy, but to others they are an indespensible comfort that allow you to communicate with others as well as eat, drink and smoke without removing your lid. This is a perfect helmet for say,motorcycle couriers, who don’t want to compromise on safety as it’s both DOT and ECE-2205 certified. With a aerodynamic Lexan polycarbonate shell it’s a very snug fit with a top of the range interior lining. Vents in the top and chinbar allow air in and out. It also has pockets for speakers and comes ready to fit for Ncom B4 Bluetooth communications system.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Reevu


A world first from Reevu, a helmet with an integrated rearview vision system. Surely some one has thouyght of this already? Apparently not. Reevu gives us the the MSX1 helmet that allows riders to be aware of traffic behind them in the same way drivers have a central rear view mirror. There’s an adjustable, moveable optic part on the rear of the helmet that feeds a screen on the inside upper viser. It’s not all about the rearview though as itcan compete with the best interms of comfort, weight and safety. Reevu are smart enough to price their innovation reasoanbly, so we could see a lot more of them on the streets.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Shoei-Neotec-Borealis

Shoei Neotec Borealis

The explosion in sport and adventure touring led the Shoei engineers to upgrde their versatile modular helmet segment. Taking the 2012 Multitec modular design as a back bone the Borealis also features  improved shell aerodynamics, a wider and taller field of vision, a reduction in wind noise, an internal sun shield, and a fully removable, washable and replaceable liner system.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Shoei-Neotec-Borealis.

Arai Crosair V

There are some things you shouldn’t scrimp on and safety is one of them. Arai has made a name for itself as the safest and toughest headgear on the market. The price reflects that too, but for professional riders as well as dedicated enthusiasts Arai is the helmet of choice. Brim full of Arai vent and shape features such as brow vent channelling, DF-10 diffuser, latest generation dry-cool® liner and patented air wings.

Top-10- motorcycle-helmets-2013-Shark-Race-R-Pro

Shark Race R Pro

Developed to meet the highest standards of racing competition the Shark R Pro is constructed from carbon aramid fibre and not polycarbonate. If you want the same as the most demanding pro racers in  Moto GP, WSBK, Moto 2; functionality and ergonomic: lightness, stability, comfort, precision, aerodynamics, then look no further.



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