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the last
of the Mohicans

Not the last of the Mohawks

Mohawks are back. Yes guys listen up: from the golden Beckham days to the AC Milan boys today that once purely punk hairstyle is back in the mainstream.

The Mohawk originates from the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois nation, the indigenous North American peoples. The tribe’s men were known to pull the hair out of the head until only a small square was left at the back crown of the head.

The hairstyle continued to live after the demise of the tribe and later it became associated with fear and intimidation and those going to war soon adopted it; the Cossacks of the Ukraine in the 16th century sported them, as did the 101st Airborne Division in WWII.

Later it developed into a nonconformist statement, from the American Jazz culture of the 1950s to the Punks in the 1970s and 80s.

 AC-milan-players-with-mohawksAC Milan Players M’Baye Niang, Mario Balotelli and Stephan El Shaarawy sporting Mohowks.

The Mohawk is enjoying a revival, especially in sport. The AC Milan players, all very attentive to style and fashion seem to be creating a small Mohawk tribe of their own. So fancy hair like your favourite Balotelli, El Shaarawy, Boateng or Niang? Here are a few tips.

 AC-milan-player-stephan-el-shaarawyStephan El Shaarawy’s mohwak

The Fanhawk

This is long and pointy, one of the most common styles of mohawk. It’s moulded into pointy strands that point upwards, either spread out or concentrated all together.

AC-milan-player-prince-boatengPrince Boateng’s Faux-Hawk


Today, for the more fashionable mohawkers, this is the most common. Hair needs to be at least 15 cm long and moulded together to form a spiky fan. The sides can either be shaved off or not. This style is less of a commitment lets say, and enjoyed by those who like to change look often.  

 AC-milan-player-mbaye-niangM’Baye Niang sporting a spiked number

Liberty Spike

The liberty Spike is named after the crown worn by the statue of Liberty’s crown it resembles. Hence, it is also styled upwards, with shaved sides and well-spaced spikes which are long and strong.

 Mario Balotelli has worn his hair in many different types of mohawks, including a Rayhawk


This style is not a classic yet becoming increasingly popular. Hair in the middle of the head is left a bit longer that the shaved sides, looking more like a strip. Like you forgot to shave part of the lawn.


More common than you think, this is a mix of two hairstyles, dread locks and mohawk. As the name suggests, the mohawk is braided into dreadlocks.

Cover image credits: AC Milan

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