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Mercedes-Benz rules the waves with new yacht

Here it is, just what you’ve always wanted… Mercedes-Benz have teamed up with Silver Arrows Marine to bring you a luxury yacht that is as jaw-droppingly beautiful as it is powerfully built.

In case you didn’t know the three points on the Mercedes-Benz symbol signify the three modes of transport, air, land and water and it seems they they forgot too, concentrating on the land part. But now their first foray into sea transport and specifically yacht design has the motor world drooling in anticipation.


It’s not such departure for the iconic German brand as over 125 years ago Gottlieb Daimler built the first motorised boat and cruised up the River Neckar. Now the ‘lifestyle’ wing of the german auto manufacturers Mercedes Style, is teaming up with Silver Arroes Marine to bring a modern yacht that is Mercedes through and through.


Martin Francis and Tommaso Spadolini are tasked with getting this baby off the drawing board and onto the high seas. The 46-footer has been a collaborative effort from the off and the styling is in line with the Mercedes design ethos. The interior is luxurious but sparse as fits the German panchent for intelligent solution-led designing.


The real specifications of the vessel are yet to be released, but from what we can deduce from the concept is that its more of a day-tripper with the opotion of over-night stays should it be required.


Mercedes’ expansion into new territories continues apace with the unveiling of the Eurocopter EC145, the first of which has already been delivered to its very lucky owner. More surprisingly Mercedes Style have also completed their first furniture line in conjunction with Italy’s Formitalia Luxury Group.

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