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Top 10
most beautiful
cars of the 80s

The decade is not known for it’s design icons yet some of the most distinct and crazily beautiful car designs come from the 80s. They have yet to make a come back but it could happen any time now. Are you ready?


Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari put this together with the express intenet of racing on track. Based on the 250 GTo of the 60’s a newly configured 288’s 2.8-liter DOHC 32-valve V8 was boosted two intercooled turbochargers, which added significant zip and pushed engine output up to 400 hp, an extraordinary power for its day.


DeLorean DMC 12

That’s right, the time machine. UNdoubtedly, its appearance in ‘Back-to-the-Future’ made it the iconic car of the 80’s, but its company’s spectacular crash and burn as well as it’s individual styling meant it  has stayed around as one of the most collectable cars of all time.


Ford Mustang

The Mustang had been around since the 70’s but as sales flagged in the early 80’s Ford redesigned the iconic roadster basing it on the Mazda MX-6. It was the first significant redesign of the Mustang  since it’s birth and became probably the most enduring Mustang of them all.


Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

The great granddaddy of all SUVs, the body shape of the Jeep Cherokee XJ set the standard for all 4×4 utility vehicles and continues to do so today.


Ferrari F40

Adorned boys’ bedroom walls in the 80’s even if they weren’t into cars. This was the moment Ferrari put it’s stamp on the decade and raised itself up above all other luxury car makers. The most profitable Ferrari of all time. Jeremy Clarkson of ‘Top Gear’ said: ‘This is not just a supercar, it’s THE supercar, the pinnacle, and no one has been able to match it.’


Porsche 959

First tooled up as a rally but later modified as a street legal, the Porsche 959 was hailed at the time as the most technologically advanced car of the 80’s and they weren’t wrong.


Alfa Romeo GTV6

Won the European Car Touring Championship an unprecedented four years in a row, the twin turbocharger system boosted performance to ‘exotic’ levels.


Porsche 911 Turbo

The 911 Turbo was exactly that – a turbocharged 911, it was only fitted with a five-speed gear-box in the last year of its production in 1989, until then it remained the wildly fast road manic with idiosyncratic handling and bags of personality.


Ferrari Testarossa

Miami Vice made this car the face of the 80’s. In the decade when ‘greed was good’ and excess was success, the Testarossa is for the 80’s what the Jaguar E Type was for the 60’s.



Launched the legendary M5 series. It’s restrained, austere outward appearance belied a psychotically powerful engine under the hood. Dr. Jekyl und Herr Hyde.

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