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Fiat 500 sells Italian family values

If you’re planning on ever living in Italy, or indeed you just love Italy, this commercial for the Fiat 500 can give a few pointers. Every Fiat 500 comes with a complimentary Italian family and the Italian invasion.


The US is finally waking up to the idea of the small car. It’s not before time, we’ve known in Europe for a long time that the future of the automobile is micro. America, however with it’s wide open spaces, big skies and love affair with the car as a personal hang-out place has always loved cars of the ‘bigger the better’ variety.

When it comes to small cars, though, Italy’s Fiat has significant experience and that explains the Turin automaker’s upswing in fortunes on the North American continent. It’s still a hard sell though, as the big car embedded in the American’s DNA. Fiat has hit on a nifty advertising strategy, exploiting the Italian’s reputation as effortlessly stylish and sexy as well as their unique family life.

Every Fiat 500L comes with a complimentary family in one take, with the backseat Italians eventually rubbing off on their American customers. Paul Revere announces the arrival of the British invasion, only to realise, it’s the Italians. Instead of fleeing, the Americans prepare to welcome them, with sexy results.

Credits: FIAT




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