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Quattroporte to make Maserati a global player

Maserati are drip-feeding us with details of their 2013 Quattroporte which will have a new design, improved interior and new engines. Swide has the lowdown on what to expect.

The Modena car manufacturer is ina period of global expansion, which will see production climb from 8,000 units per year to more than 50,000 units worldwide by the year 2015. Driving that change are three modesl which are thought to include an SUV, a smaller 5 Series sized Ghibli saloon and the all new 2013 Maserati Quattroporte.


The VI version will be unveiled at the Detroit Motorshow in January 2013, and has been designed by a Maserati-only department within the Fiat Group Centro Stile design centre under the guidance of  ex-Pininfarina designer Lorenzo Ramociotti and will be built at the Ferrari factory at Maranello.


The four door saloon/sedan will rival cars likr the Jaguar F-Type and while it won't sell in numbers like the German Mercedes-Benz or BMWs it occupies the niche as the only Ferrari-powered, rear drive Italian saloon. For those who want a functional four-door, design excellence and are committed to the Italian ideal then the Maserati Quattroporte is the only option.


The 2014 version is already planned to have a turbocharged V6 engine as standard with the option for a V8 Ferrari-made 8-cylinder engine. The V6 is very good, giving 410 horse power, which is obly 20 hp less than the previous V8. The V6 version will set you back at €110,000 while the upgradd V8 will go for €146,000. So if you're in the market for one of these and you can wait the extra year, it may be worth holding your horses.

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