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Find out the top 5 best chocolate shops in Italy: from Perugia to Palermo, the luxury chocolate products of Italy.
The best Chocolate shops In Italy

It’s almost winter and chocolate is back. Did you know that the World Chocolate Master 2013 is Italian? From the renowned Perugia to Southern Italy, Swide’s selection of the best chocolatier shops in the Belpaese.

Swide’s best wine pairings with truffles recipes like pasta and risotto for your Fall Menu: did you know you could enjoy white wine with truffles?
Top 5 ideal wines To pair With truffles

Whether black or white, truffles are a delicious speciality and give a unique flavour to any recipe. But which wines are best suited to enhancing the flavour of truffles? Here is Swide's selection.

The best Italian Recipes for Halloween? Some of the best Italian food with the 5 top Italian recipes with pumpkin from Swide, from Lombardy to Campania.
Italian recipes With pumpkin For Halloween

Looking for inspiration for a different Halloween spread? Swide has 5 Italian recipes based on pumpkin, from Lombardy to Campania.

Swide’s top 5 best wines pairings when cooking mushroom recipes: from risotto to pasta, here is what you should drink with your favorite Fall dishes.
Top 5 wines Best served With mushrooms

Autumn is the season to hunt for mushrooms and there are dozens of recipes, especially in Italy, for best enjoying these delicacies. But which wines are best served with them? Here are Swide’s top 5 combinations.

Schiscetta comes from Milanese dialect and means "to bring things close". It was the packed lunch of soldiers back in time but today is fashionable and easy to replicate. follow these easy recipes to have a tasty lunch break from Pasta alla Norma to Erbazzone.
Schiscetta, The Italian Packed Lunch: 5 recipes

Abroad they call it packed lunch, but for Italians (or better, for Milanese people) it will always be schiscetta: let’s find out more about it with Alessandro Vannicelli, a schiscetta aficionado.

Top 5 stunning places for the next harvest in Italy

In Italy September first and foremost means the time has come for harvesting the grapes. Swide has selected Italy’s 5 best wineries for you, places where you too can experience the magic of the harvest.

Here is a round up of the illustrations and illustrators that Marcus Kan has featured on Swide during 2013, so far.
Top 5 Fashion Illustrations 2013 So far

Here is a round up of the illustrations and illustrators that Marcus Kan has featured on Swide during 2013, so far.

Swide's top 5 Italian rosé wines

Red or white? Well, sometimes, especially during Summer, the answer is rosé. What are the top 5 rosé wines to taste during vacations? From Dolomites to Sardinia, here are the rosé Italian wines you must try before Fall.

Italy has some of the best scuba diving in the world, it also has because of the activity during the first and second World Wars many wrecks at accessible depths for you to enjoy. Swide picks the top 5 wreck dives in Italy.
Top 5 shipwreck dives in Italy

Italy and its endless Mediterranean coast offers some of the best diving locations in the world. There are also, due to the practice of mining the sea in the First and Second World Wars many shipwrecks at divable depths. Swide chooses the top 5.

Find out with Swide the best meat cuts for your barbecue and how to cook them so to surprise your firiends during this Summer 2013 holidays.
Top 5 Best barbecue Cut of meats

Barbecue is one of the most fun of summer food related activities. It’s easier said than done, though: if you are a foodie you want to pick your BBQ protagonists well. Which cuts of meats are best grilled? Swide answers the conundrum.

Find out with Swide what are the best Food Italian excellence. Coffee, pasta, olive oil… here are the best 10 products made in Italy.
Best 10 Italian Food Excellences

Take some time to revisit the best gastronomy Italy has to offer: from espresso to mozzarella, set your summer table with these delicacies.

Travel with Swide through the best top 5 small islands to visit in Italy: some travelling tips from us for cool places to visit during your summer 2013, from Tremiti Islands to Procida.
Best 5 small islands off the Italian Coast

Discover with Swide the small Islands of Italy: if Sicily and Sardinia are already on your radar screen, you might consider to visit the tinier jewels that the Country’s coats have to offer.