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Bill de Blasio The making of a Mayor

Democrat Bill de Blasio has won the race for New York Mayor with a landslide. But what makes this charismatic man so interesting even to foreigners like us?

New York has elected Democrat candidate Bill de Blasio as its new Mayor after two decades under Republicans Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. Liberal de Blasio was elected to office on a series of progressive policies that include taxing the wealthy to fund child care, affordable housing and other measures for a fairer and more egalitarian New York.
New York leans to the left with de Blasio

New York has reasserted its liberal credentials by voting Democrat Bill de Blasio its Mayor after two decades under Republican governance.

Milan Duomo goes digital in a special event for 1700 anniversary of Edict of Milan
History that Made History: The Edict of Milan goes digital

To celebrate the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan and the re opening of the Grande Museo del Duomo as well as the Archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica, the city of Milan transforms its Duomo into a digital entertainment space.

All Saints day: origins and history of the relationship Italians have with their saints
Ognissanti: The cult of the Saints in Italy

There is a stronger relationship with saints in Mediterranean Christian countries that in most other places in the world with the exception of some countries in Latin America. Why is this?

Kids love nothing better than a good scare at bedtime, especially on Halloween night, so here are 5 scary ghost stories for children.
5 scary Halloween ghost stories for kids

There’s nothing children love more than a good scare at bedtime, especially on Halloween. The great thing is, they’re so easy to scare, the old ghost stories that scared the socks off you still have the same effect on them! Swide has 5 scary stories for kids.

Royal Baby christening gown: Prince George's dress will break family tradition
The Royal Christening: A new tradition in the making?

On the 23rd October, 4 months after he was born, Prince George, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and third in line to the British Throne will be Christened at Buckingham Palace. Though many of the traditions will be the same there is one major divergence, the Christening Gown.

dolce and gabbana design the claridges christmas tree 2013
Dolce&Gabbana to design the Claridge's Christmas Tree

The Claridge's iconic Christmas tree is due to get a very Sicilian makeover in 2013 with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana designing the theme for this year's festive conifer.

How to perform a séance with a ouija board for Halloween 2013
Conjuring the spirits: How to perform a séance At home

Halloween is the perfect night to conduct a séance, and with all the paranormal activities going on that evening, even novices may get a ghost to communicate with them. Here are the steps on how to get organised and what to do.

Halloween 2013 Costumes Ideas Dos and Donts Gwen Stefani Costume
Halloween Costumes Do’s and Don’ts

So Halloween is just around the corner and we’re all fretting about what type of costume to go for this year. Of course the recent boom in horror TV series give us plenty of inspiration, but here is a brief guide of what not to do mainly, and a few things to do.

With a religiously themed collection Swide's mind and memories have moved towards the Rosay- what is it, its origins and its meaning to each one of us.
The Rosary: merging culture and religion

The Rosary has an intricate and interesting history, dating back to pre Christian times. In Catholic cultures, especially in South America, Italy and Spain, where the Marian cult is stronger than anywhere, the rosary has taken up an important space in the every day life and the collective memory of many families.

From Eton to Le Rosey, here ate the 8 most exclusive schools and colleges in the world
The most exclusive schools in the world

The school year is about to start and that got us thinking about the most exclusive places to send your children so that they can have the right start in life, and make the right friends. Swide selects the top 8.

When choosing your career path it’s a good idea to consider what are the best and worst jobs in the world in terms of stress, money, working environment and employment prospects.
The best (and worst) jobs

If you could go back and choose your career path again would you do the same? Would you choose monetary remuneration over satisfaction and reward? Creativity over contribution? It’s one of the biggest decisions we’ll have to make and we have to do it early. Sow what are the best and worst jobs in the world?