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The current boom in rare classic super cars continue with the private sale of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO for $52 million (€38.3 million) making it the world’s most expensive car.
Ferrari 25 GTO: the world’s most expensive car

A classic Ferrari 250 GTO has reportedly been sold privately for $52 million (€38.3 million) making it the world’s most expensive car.

David Gandy waxes lyrical about his passion for driving and for Jaguar in a new promo video for the English automaker.
David Gandy’s Escapism for Jaguar

David Gandy stars in a video promo for Jaguar, where he explains his passion for driving and his passion for Jaguar.

Fiat 500 sells Italian family values

If you’re planning on ever living in Italy, or indeed you just love Italy, this commercial for the Fiat 500 can give a few pointers. Every Fiat 500 comes with a complimentary Italian family and the Italian invasion.

The market for vintage Italian luxury cars continues to thrive as seen by Tazio Nuvolari’s 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C-35, which sold at auction for 7 million euros, breaking the world record for the marque.
Tazio Nuvolari’s Alfa Romeo sells for €7 million

Legendary Formula One driver Tazio Nuvolari’s Alfa Romeo 8C-35 sells at auction for a world record €7 million at the Bonhams Goodwood Revival Meeting, confirming that the market for rare Italian luxury cars is in very rude health.

Land Rover goes hybrid

Land Rover have launched their very first hybrid model at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s not before time.

Jaguar unveils C-X17 SUV concept at the Frankfurt motor show 2013. It is the first Jaguar to feature their new aluminium architecture that will herald a whole new range of smaller, more affordable, mass-produced vehicles. It’s a logical progression for Jaguar considering the modern demands of the premium market.
Jaguar unveils C-X17 SUV concept in Frankfurt

Jaguar, who are better known for their stately saloons and fire-breathing sports cars have unveiled their first SUV the C-X17 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar upgrade their flagship saloon the XJ with the XJMY214 set to go head to head with the Mercedes S-class vying for the mantel of the world’s go to luxury saloon. It’s a much-needed bit of good news for Jaguar who have been battling something of a PR disaster.
Jaguar keep faith with XJ

Jaguar have updated its flagship sedan the XJ with modern comforts and design tweaks that they hope will keep their most important model at the forefront of the luxury car market.

There’s no point in owning an Italian supercar unless you can drive like an Italian. Fortunately Ferrari, Lamboghini and Maserati have courses aimed at car enthusiasts of all levels.
Best supercar driving courses: drive like an Italian

Supercar driving courses aren’t just for novices, they’re not for petrol head veterans either, they’re for anyone who wants to experience the raw power of driving these beasts to the maximum of their capability. After all, what’s the point of owning a Ferrari if you can’t let loose once in a while?

Swide chooses five of the cars we love from international cinema, from Steve McQueen’s Bullit to Mad Max.
Top 5 iconic cars in films

Some films are unforgettable because of the cars in them. Swide chooses some of our favourites from Bullit to Mad Max.

The land speed record was set in 1997 by Andy Green in Thrust SSC with a speed of 1223.657 kph. Swide has 10 facts you should know about the world land speed record.
10 facts about the world land speed record

From humble steam powered beginnings to rocket powered engines and beyond the sound barrier, Swide has 10 facts about the land speed record.

Iconic Lancia Aurelia in Risi’s Il Sorpasso

Dino Risi’s ‘The Easy Life’, is one of the finest examples of the Commedia all’italiana genre. It also contains one of the most iconic cars in Italian cinema the Lancia Aurelia.

Swide picks the best 5 roads for driving in Italy from Stelvio Pass to Amalfi Coast.
Best roads to drive in Italy

Driving in Italy is can be a testing experience, but for those who love driving it can be exhilarating. Swide chooses the best five roads for driving in Italy.