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Fellini film actresses in Dolce&Gabbana: fashion illustrations by Lucio Palmieri
Imagining Federico Fellini's women in Dolce&Gabbana

Federico Fellini's women are a constant in his films as much as the city of Rome or his dreamlike interpretation of reality. On the 20th anniversary of the director's death, Swide pays tribute to him and his timeless women with Lucio Palmieri's interpretations of them in Dolce&Gabbana archives.

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The Street is a recurring theme in the films of Martin Scorsese it is the real life backdrop, a stage on which the plot unfolds and life’s moral conundrums are examined. From Mean Streets to Gangs Of New York, the streets that Scorsese serve as the inspiration and the setting, just as they do in Streets Of Dreams the ad campaign for Dolce&Gabbana The One fragrance shot by the great director.
Dreams of streets The films of Scorsese

Director Martin Scorsese’s film The One for the Dolce&Gabbana fragrance ‘The Street of Dreams’ is more than homage to the romance of Cinema Italiano, it is Scorsese through and through employing the cardinal motif of his work – the streets.

Chris Hemsworth Thor workout and diet plan that he used to prepare for his role in 2013’s Thor The Dark World.
Hollywood Hunk Chris Hemsworth Thor workout

We’ve seen it all before, the dramatic transformation our beloved actors or actresses go through for their art but nothing serves up the thrills like one of the Hollywood hunks hulking out and getting big… like Chris Hemsworth for Thor, for example.

She’s a twenty-two-year-old Australian actress and has Leo DiCaprio literally falling at her feet in Scorsese’ s The Wolf of Wall Street: ‘she’ is Margot Robbie, the new blonde who is about to conquer Hollywood.
5 things to know about Margot Robbie

She’s a twenty-two-year-old Australian and has Leo DiCaprio literally falling at her feet in The Wolf of Wall Street: ‘she’ is Margot Robbie, the new blonde who is about to conquer Hollywood.

Dolce&Gabbana FW 2014 Womenswear Accessories Heroes
Accessories Heroes

Red lace, mosaics and filigree all come together in a beautiful illustration which synthesizes the themes of the Dolce&Gabbana Fall WInter 2014 collection and highlights its best accessories.

New York has elected Democrat candidate Bill de Blasio as its new Mayor after two decades under Republicans Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. Liberal de Blasio was elected to office on a series of progressive policies that include taxing the wealthy to fund child care, affordable housing and other measures for a fairer and more egalitarian New York.
New York leans to the left with de Blasio

New York has reasserted its liberal credentials by voting Democrat Bill de Blasio its Mayor after two decades under Republican governance.

Bill de Blasio The making of a Mayor

Democrat Bill de Blasio has won the race for New York Mayor with a landslide. But what makes this charismatic man so interesting even to foreigners like us?