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Winter warmers:
drinks to warm
the heart

We all need a little comfort during winter, and coffee and tea sometimes just don’t do it. Swide’s list and recipes for delicious and easy to make drinks.

Mulled wine

 Winter Drinks Alcohol Recipes 


1 orange

ground cinnamon

ground cloves

1 lemon

½ ground nutmeg

I lt red wine

200 gr sugar

Peel carefully the lemon and the orange making sure to have only the skin and not the white grind (which would give a bitter taste). In a saucepan add the sugar, the lemon and orange peel, the spices and the wine, which should be full bodied. Warm at low heat for 5 minutes while stirring. Get a flame close to the wine – paying a lot of attention – so that all the surface “burns”. This way the alcohol included in the wine will fade. You have to let the flame burn out. Filter the wine and serve!

Irish Hot Chocolate

 cocktail recipe


60 gr unsweetened cocoa powder

40 gr sugar

pinch of vanilla

60 gr water

½ l milk

milk cream

half-and-half to taste

100 ml Baileys Original Irish Cream, or to taste

whipped cream

Heat the cocoa, the sugar, the vanilla, the water, stirring until smooth. Add the milk and half-and-half and let it boil for 2 minutes. Add the Baileys, and once ready add the whipped cream.

Sweet Almond Soup

 cocktail recipe 


500 gr blanched almonds, grinded

2-4 tablespoons sugar

one cup of crystallized ginger

some light cream

two tablespoons cornstarch


It’s almost liquid marzipan (so you have to like it!) and it’s delicious in winter. Warm on low heat the grinded almonds with 300 ml of water for 20 minutes, while stirring. Once it has dissolved, add the sugar and the ginger. After ten minutes, pour the light cream, as much as to form a creamy consistence. Stir the cornstarch in cold water and then add it to the cream. Keep stirring until the consistency you like and serve hot.

Tom & Jerry

 cocktail recipe


5 eggs

200 gr sugar

½ bottle of brandy

½ bottle dark rum

ground spices

ground cinnamon

ground cloves



vanilla extract to taste

Beat the whites on the side until they create a foamy consistency, and the yolks to which you have added sugar. Fold the beaten egg yolks into the egg whites. Add the sugar and the vanilla. Add the milk and all the spices, and stir (store in the refrigerator if you are not using it immediately). Serve one tablespoon of this batter in a mug to which you will add 1 small brandy shot and one small rum shot. Stir and add sugar and boiling water to taste.


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