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Survival foods that could save your life

Food is always necessary to keep you body running properly. But what would happen in an emergency without some key food elements? Swide’s guide to some must-haves for your cupboards that could – literally – save your life.

Imagine yourself in a bunker, during an emergency, for some reason – the end of the world predicted by the Mayans, for example. What could you store that would allow you to survive without leaving it? There are for sure many items that would help you, but Swide’s list is one you might not have considered as you may think they are useless. Well, they will instead be handy at the right moment…

Peanut butter

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A powerful source of energy, it contains healthy proteins and fats, and as a plus you don’t have to store it in the fridge (you might not have one) even once you open it. It hasn’t been calculated yet for how long a body can survive on just peanut butter, but it should help you out a lot, for at least a few weeks. Only make sure to have enough water with you, as it could make you really thirsty.


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It is great on a salad, or used to make your hair shiny (use it right before the last rinse after the shampoo). But vinegar is also antibacterial and microbial and can treat infections, cuts, burns, handy if you don’t have a doctor available. It also deodorizes (leave a glass in your refrigerator for the night to erase bad leftovers’ smells), which could be useful if your water supply is rationed. You can also use it to remove bacteria and parasites from water.

Powdered milk

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This is the one dairy product that doesn’t need be refrigerated, (remember? You might not be able to access one) and provides calcium and vitamin D when fresh milk is not available. You have to dilute it with water, but even a small amount of it will do to make you feel less hungry and keep your strength up.

Baking soda

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OK, it’s not really a food, but you do take it when your stomach is upset or…if you have a fire situation. If you can’t call fire fighters or you just don’t have enough water to waste, throw some on the fire source (if it’s a small one. If it’s big… too bad for you).

Chewing gum

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No, it doesn’t really help you to digest as some say (also, to digest what, if you have nothing to eat?). But it will help to diminish your appetite and even as a short-term remedy for nutrition. 


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