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discover the magical city
in an app

Matera, the magical city carved into a stone cliff face in Southern Italy, Basilicata, is one of the most enchanting places on Earth. Can’t make it any time soon? Well, from now on there is another way to see it…

We have talked about it before: Matera is one of those cities that, if you are visiting Italy, is a must-see destination that is utterly unforgettable. It’s not only the ancient feeling of a city that has been structurally untouched for centuries, but it’s the geographical position, the caves that house luxury hotels and spas and are available to visitors and the light that changes throughout the day that makes it absolutely unique.

Matera, Italy

But what do you do if you cannot visit it soon?

From now on there is a clever application called “Matera città narrata” (Matera the narration city), thanks to which you can see a short movie on your iPad or mobile and listen to the story of the city with a new approach.

And not only that: you will find many video contributions by the experts of each archaeological site for a personalised guide. You can also download different apps so that once you are really there you can follow special itineraries and enjoy your visit even more.


To check out the application, visit the dedicated website.

To know more about the city and its region: here.

To know more about its hotels and restaurant: Swide.





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