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Italian Street Food

Traditional Italian cuisine appeared first on the street: from Emilia-Romagna to Sicily, here is the best street food you can find in Italy.


Panino con lampredotto

Italian Food, Typical Dishes

Typical of Florence, Tuscany, goes back to when tripe, head and veal leg were the only way poor people afford much needed nutrition. In almost every square in Florence there is a stand where you can taste delicious panini with lampredotto, the leanest and firmest part of the bovines’s stomach, cooked in broth and served with herbs and tomato sauce.


Italian Food, Typical Dishes


A savory, fatty pork roast typical of the Rome area. The porchetta is usually salted heavily and stuffed with garlic, rosemary, herbs. It has been selected by the Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali as a “traditional agricultural-alimentary product”, a list of traditional Italian foods held to have cultural relevance).

Focaccia di Recco

Italian Food, Typical Dishes

The “fugassa co formaggio” in dialect, is a typical traditional recipe of Liguria, in particular of Recco.  è una tipica ricetta Ligure, specialità di Recco, cittadina della riviera Ligure di Levante. It’s a basic but delicious cheese focaccia that became famous in the ‘50ies when served to tourists.

Tortello alla lastra

Italian Food, Typical Dishes

Typical of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany mountains area is a special kind of tortello, a type of filled bread – in this case with potatoes. “Lastra” is the surface on which the tortelli are cooked. They were served as a street food in the past and then became a gastronomic specialty.

Arrosticini abruzzesi Italian Food, Typical Dishes

Typical of the Abruzzo Region, they are meat skewers made of castrated bull meat or mutton. In some areas are also called rustelle, arrustelle or rostelle. They belong to the area in the Province of Pescara, at the foot of Voltigno (Civitella Casanova, Villa Celiera, Carpineto della Nora).  They have now been adopted also by the Rome area.

Panelle siciliane

Italian Food, Typical Dishes

The typical street food in Palermo, Sicily, are made of chickpeas flour and fried and are just a portion of the fried delicacies that are served as street food, together with small fishes, eggplants, vegetables…

Zeppole Italian Food, Typical Dishes

From Naples, it’s a typical dessert of the South of Italy,  also called zeppole di San Giuseppe since they are often made on the Saint’s day (March 19th), on Dad’s day, made with flour, sugar, butter,  eggs, and olive oil. You can bake them or fry them.  They are typical of Salento, too.

Focaccia al testo

typical dishes

It was used in the past to replace the more expensive bread, and it is also called “crescia”. Typical of Umbria, its name comes from the stone on which it was cooked in the past. It is made with flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast.


Italian Food, Typical Dishes

Typical of Emilia Romagna, it is an alternative to bread just like Crescia and can be filled with many ingredients such as cheese or salumi. It’s made with flour, lard, water,  bicarbonate.

Gofri Piemontesi

Italian Food, Typical Dishes

Traditional from Piedmont (Valli Chisone e Germanasca), they are wafers made with flour, water and yeast and they are crisp on the outside and soft inside, and they differ from the Northern European version for their thickness. You can fill them with salumi and cheese, but also jam and chocolate.



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