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Most talked about Chefs 2013

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013

From Mario Batali to Rene Redzepi Swide recalls all the Chefs that – in bad times and good times – have been the protagonists of this 2013 we are leaving behind.

From 1 to 10, how much do you like Jamie Oliver? Swide tells you our thoughts about the 2013 most talked about Chefs through a report card which its only aim is to ironically retrace the steps of this year’s high-end cuisine protagonists.

René Redzepi

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - René Redzepi

Three-time number one Noma’s Chef and patron continues to take an innovative and inventive approach but ranked second this year on the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and incurred in a mishap that brought the restaurant on every newspapers for making ill 67 diners because of the Norovirus. Not exactly what you want to hear from a two Michelin star restaurant… Keep up the good work and next time we’ll be more generous! VOTE: 6

Jamie Oliver

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Jamie Oliver

Chef, restaurateur, media personality, known for his food-focused television shows, cookbooks he became more and more well known for his campaign against the use of processed foods in national schools. His last very important victory has been in August 2013 when chef Jamie Oliver has just won a battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise announced it will change its recipe. Still, we tend to consider him more of a media guy than a high-end cuisine Chef (nothing personal, Jamie) so we give him an honest 7. VOTE: 7

Mario Batali

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Mario Batali

A huge name in NYC’s Italian restoration, kudos to Mario for having regained this year the Michelin star that Babbo lost years ago. Del Posto remains the best place where to eat Italian with its two Michelin stars so we can fairly say Batali fairly represents the Country abroad. Why only a 7? We are confident Del Posto will get soon its 3rd star, and then it will have a nice 10. VOTE: 7

Gordon Ramsay

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Gordon Ramsay

He has been a superstar, reproaching sloppy Chefs and kitchen teams (and we are grateful for that): his restaurants have been awarded 15 Michelin stars but he just lost two Michelin stars this year at his restaurant The London. After being one of the toughest Chefs on TV will he be able to be toughen up with himself and make up for mistakes? VOTE: 6

Roca Brothers

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Roca Brothers

They are the undisputed winneing Chefs of this year: the three Catalonian brothers have each a specific role at El Celler de Can Roca (Joan the Executive Chef, Jordi the Pastry Chef, Josep the sommelier), their restaurant which was ranked this year the Best of the World. Affable, charming, professional to the extreme with a great dose of humility, they deserve nothing under the vote of 10. VOTE: 10

Alain Ducasse

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Alain Ducasse

The name should be enough. Over a thirty-year old career, this man has gathered some impressive numbers: twenty-four individual restaurants in nine countries across three continents; three separate three-Michelin-star restaurants in three cities; twenty-five years of the flagship Louis XV restaurant in Monaco.  Do we need to say more? Yes, this year Mr. Ducasse won the Lifetime Achievement Award 2013 voted for by the 900-plus industry experts who make up the Diners Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy. As such, it is testament to the deep respect in which Alain Ducasse is held across the restaurant universe. VOTE: 10

Virgilio Martínez

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Virgilio Martinez

From Peru, Virgilio Martínez Véliz is one of the revelation of this year (and needless to say, Peru was the gastronomic revelation of this year too) and incarnates today the vanguard expression of the national culinary identity of Peru and of its extraordinary biodiversity with his cuisine at Central. A heartfelt 8 to this guy: looking forward to his next step! VOTE: 8

Massimo Bottura

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Massimo Bottura 

April 2013 was the month in which Mr. Bottura with Osteria Francescana won two ranks up, reaching third place among the World’s 50 Best Resturants after having maintained for years the 5th place. In the meantime, the compelling story-teller is working hard to give recognition to Italian cuisine abroad – through presentations and videos – and the Region he comes from, Emilia Romagna, with fundraising projects aimed to increase education and development. VOTE: 9

Albert Adrià

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Albert Adrià

Everyone knows Ferran Adrià, but Albert, his brother, who devised some of the dishes served at El Bulli, is continuing the family tradition of wild innovation at a handful of Barcelona restaurants (Tickets, 41°…). Try them yourself: you won’t be disappointed, quite the opposite: almost happy that El Bulli closed so that we are able to taste Ferran’s brother cuisine. Also, chef Albert Adrià was named by The Daily Meal as 2013’s International Chef of the Year. VOTE: 9

Nigella Lawson

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Nigella Lawson

Ah, Nigella, journalist, broadcaster, television personality, gourmand, and food writer. The mask which incased all these qualities, the one of the perfect housewife who can also be a woman in career has fallen off and instead of finding ourselves to blame your husband who not long ago kind of strangled you we blame you (too), for massive cocaine use and abuse. We still like your recipes and ways, though, so please get back on tracks soon. VOTE: 4

Nadia Santini

Ranking most talked about famous chefs 2013 - Nadia Santini

Despite her background in food science, her cooking is not remotely high-tech – those that come expecting specifications and espuma will be disappointed for Santini remains a stickler for tradition. A great one, who just won Best Female Chef 2013 at Dal Pescatore Restaurant. Brava! VOTO: 9

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