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5 things to do in Milan during Fashion Week #MFW

Milan Fashion Week is on from February 22nd: here are 5 Swide tips on how to fully enjoy the city between one fashion show and the next

What to do between one fashion show and the next in what is supposed to be “only” a business city? Swide proves detractors wrong and gives you the right addresses to discover the real Milan.

Poldi Pezzoli Museum

It should be one of the first steps to getting to know the city better: one of the most renowned house-museums in Europe, it was once home to the aristocrat Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli (1822-1879). It shelters now his wide collection of Renaissance Italian paintings as well as porcelains, fabrics, watches and jewels. The two beautiful terraces can be booked for private events.

Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Via Manzoni 12, tel. 0039 02796334 | 02794889

The Cube

A temporary restaurant by Electrolux, leader in producing household appliances for professionals and non-professionals, it is however, much more than what it seems. Overlooking Piazza Duomo from the top of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the stunning view would be reason enough to book. The restaurant, that hosts 18 seats, will travel to the major food capitals’ of Europe (Milan is the second stop after Paris; Stockholm and London will follow). But what about the Italian Chefs from Gambero Rosso, the historical food organisation from Rome, that rotates every two weeks offering high-end cuisine? Have a nice chat with them while dining, because the Cube feels a lot like a luxury home.

The Cube, until April 26th, Via Ugo Foscolo 1, tel. 0039 3663899694

Isola (Isola Garibaldi)

This neighborhood of Milan is not well known among foreigners but it’s one of the few ones that still shelters history: it’s called ‘Island’ because it was – and still is – detached from the city centre, in an area that once housed all artisans’ workshops. Born between the XIX and the XX Century, it now bustles with cafes, restaurants and shops. Take a walk and enjoy the homely feeling it has: don’t forget to look skyward to the Art Nouveau buildings like the one in Via Pollaiuolo 5 or via Borsieri 26, or Via J.Dal Verme 11.


Isola Garibaldi, Photo credits: Via Borsieri, 1969, Virgilio Carnisio


The home-away-from-home. Great wines and good company, this Enoteca offers a very good selection of petit-cuisine and great service too. Wine tasting each week, an adorable mascot, Bomba (a Jack Russell puppy), and of course Michele, the owner, welcome you with a smile and the warm attitude that sometimes it’s hard to find in Milan. Cheers!

Vinodromo, Via Salasco 21, tel. 0039 02 32960708

Palazzo Morando

When in Milan to discover the fashion of tomorrow, why not make a trip into the Milanese fashion of yesterday? L’immagine femminile a Milano dal 1848 al 1914 (The female image in Milan from 1948-1914) traces the changing fashion during the Risorgimento period in Italy. The Risorgimento period stared with the popular revolts in 1948 through to the unification and aftermath, until the first World War. Eighteen fantastic dresses, restored thanks to Baccarat, are set up in a baroque apartment in the palazzo. While viewing this exhibition, the changing trends, as well as the changing geo political fabric of Italy come to life. The exhibition runs on until June 2012.

Palazzo Morando, Via San’Andrea 6, 0039 02 884 65933 /48135

Written by Elisa della Barba 




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