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Top destinations for a weekend in Morocco

Planning a getaway from stress and work? Find new places without having to go looking for them: Swide takes charge with a pocket guide of top 5 places to see in…Morocco


weekend gateways morocco marrakesh

Marrakech is situated in the centre south of the Country. Its charm is famous worldwide and the beautiful J?mi? el-Fn? square is the core of the city and comes alive at night, with snake enchanters and musicians, and loads of street food stands. The mosque Kutubiya and its minaret overlooking the square are beautiful. Visit the Saaudit tombs, a funerary group discovered and restored in 1917.  Stay at Riad Shanima


weekend gateways morocco fes 

Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, its medina is the world’s largest contiguous car-free urban area and one the most stunning places on Earth. Al-qarawiyyin, founded in AD 859 is the oldest functioning madrasa (the Arabic word for any kind of educational institution) in the world. The City has been called the “Mecca of the West”. Definitely visit the Tanneries, where animal skins are dyed in coloured round pools by workers, giving the whole area the aspect of a giant watercolor palette. And just get lost in the Medina… Stay at Riad Fes


weekend gateways morocco essaouira 

Situated in the Atlantic Coast it still retains its Portuguese name Mogador as the city was colony from 1506 to 1510. The Berber name means “wall”, referring to the fortress that originally surrounded the city. Visit the Medina and enjoy quad biking excursions, cooking courses and the many small art galleries all over town. Also, the Festival of World Music is held here each year in the last week of June. Stay at Villa Darko


weekend gateways morocco meknes 

Situated in the North of Morocco, Meknes is nearby Fes and it’s a vibrant, modern city bustling with nightlife, restaurants and an impressive royal palace. Relatively ignored by most tourists, it’s perfect for whoever wants to escape tourists traps. Meknes is an imperial city with a lot of historical monuments and natural sites to visit and it is also the nearest city to the Roman ruins of Volubilis (Oualili). Stay at Riad Lahboul


 weekend gateways morocco ouarzazate 

The city of Ouarzazate means “noiselessly” and was nicknamed The door of the desert. The town is chiefly inhabited by Berbers, who constructed many of the prominent kasbahs and buildings for which the area is known. Ouarzazate is the perfect base for excursions across the Draa Valley and into the desert. The area is also a noted film-making location: Lawrence of Arabia and The Gladiator were filmed here. Visit the stunning Kasbah Taourirt and the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou, nearby Ouarzazate. Stay at Kasbah Ellouze


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