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10 top
haunted places
in Italy


Halloween is coming: if you are in Italy, you won’t have a shortage of places to hunt for ghosts and awaken (the dead!) your seasonal fear. Here are top 10 destinations in Italy where you’ll be most likely scared.

We’ve scared you to death with our story about the most haunted place in Italy, the small island of Poveglia in the Venetian lagoon. Now that Halloween 2013 is just round the corner, we want to guide you in a complete tour of the most haunted places in Italy. Enjoy!

Castello di Montebello, Torriana
It’s probably the most famous legend in Italy. In this castle near Rimini, Guendalina Malatesta, a girl was playing when – on June 21st 1375 – she lost her toy down the stairs of a basement. Apparently her spirit is still there and every five years, or even more often, people can hear her crying. She was also called “Azzurrina” because at the time albino people were thought to have been sent by the evil and were burnt at the stake. To avoid that, her mom dyed her hair with natural herbs but it would fade away leaving a blue hue.

Evil Tower, Castello di Poppi

In this tower it would sometimes appear the ghost of Matelda, who supposedly killed her lover after a night of love-making. It was in this tower that she was buried alive but she likes to come back to haunt us…

Botanical Garden, Lucca

Strongly wanted by the Reign of Borboni in 1820, this place is haunted by the beautiful and half naked Lucida Mansi who – to not lose her beauty – she sold her soul to the devil. Nowadays you can see them in a cart on fire crossing the garden at night.

Casa delle Anime, Voltri (Genoa)

It’s one of the most famous haunted houses of Italy. Legend says that a family with mental disorders owned a public house. They used to kill everyone who would stay there and throw them in a hole. After II WW a family re-inhabited the house after many years and they witnessed more than one weird event.

Monastero di St.Anna Foligno

Here you can still hear Sister Teresa Margherita Gesta’s mourning, who died here on November 4th 1895. Her ghost still haunts the same room she lived in.

Maniero della Rotta, Moncalieri (Turin)

It is quite well known and it is supposedly haunted by knights, ladies, knaves and hangman.

Castello Aragonese, Pizzo Calabro

It’s here that King Gioacchino Murat, just after Napoleon’s defeat, was shot to death. It was 1815, and since then his ghost seeks for revenge.

Monastero Santa Radegonda, Milano

During the second half of the XIV century Bernarda, daughter of Bernabò Visconti was locked in the Rocchetta di Porta Nuova for adultery. She died after a few months and apparently she appears often in the cloisters of the Church of Santa Radegonda, where you can see her screaming at her father.

Ca’ Dario, Venice

This building on the Canal Grande is of rare beauty, but it brings with it a curse: apparently everyone who has owned the building has died a violent death. Built in the XV century, it was designed and owned by Giovanni Dario, who lost his son to a murder and his daughter to suicide while under the cursed roof. Count delle Lanza was murdered, the manager of ‘The Who’, Kit Lambert committed suicide by throwing himself down the stairs, Raul Gardini committed suicide – also under suspicious circumstances. Death has claimed the lives of thirteen successive owners and no one wants to buy the house anymore…

Castello di Fenis, Aosta

A castle worth a visit if only for its beauty, tourists claim to hear noises from a floor upstairs that is closed to visitors and to everyone. The Region has started an investigation…

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