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Keeping time in luxury: The Clock Tower of Brooklyn.

Have you ever played with the thought of keeping time whilst living the life of contemporary luxury? Well, let me introduce you to the apartment that sits between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges inside a renovated clock tower. And, oh yes, costs $23.5million.


Situated in an area of New York known as Dumbo, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, The Clock Tower of Brooklyn has been transformed during a renovation project that was undertaken by David Walentas. Walentas took the project on as part of the development of the Dumbo area and spent years renovating the original space of the clock tower, which sits atop one of the largest poured concrete buildings in NY, into a apartment.


Already famous for its four 14-foot glass clock faces, the make-over that this 1914-built property went through opened up the space and sought to tempt potential buyers with the cascades of natural light that filter through the glass of the clocks, which offer the views to die for. From the four windows the skyline is easily one of the most breath taking you can experience in NY, looking over New York Harbour, the Brooklyn Bridge and framing the Statue of Liberty. The apartment boasts a sleek modern, white living space of 6,500-square-feet, a dominating three-story floating staircase circling a glass elevator and a kitchen/entertaining area, which is punctuated by the four clock faces. The kitchen is custom made by MinimalUSA using materials imported from Italy; you know you are in good hands!


I think living here would give someone a complex. Looking out over the people of NY and staring down at the residents of Dumbo, one’s head could begin to fool itself that you are New York royalty… that or Quasimodo. It depends on how stable you are at the time of purchasing I suppose.


The renovation originally gave it an asking price tipped at $25million but then, after lack of movement on the market, was available to rent at a mere $50,000 a month… I reach for my credit card to make a deposit. But, it made headlines again this year as it was yanked off the rental market and given the cut price of $23.5m, $1.5m down from the original price.

So, if you have some cash to spare and fancy a change of life-style, creeping ever closer to one of the Sex and the City girls, then maybe this is the place for you. 

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Credits – Dumbonyc 

Written by Ben Taylor 

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