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Top destinations for a weekend in Jordan

Planning a getaway from stress and work? Find new places without having to go looking for them: Swide takes charge with a pocket guide of top 5 places to see in… Jordan.


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The capital and largest city in Jordan, it has a long and diverse history due to the fact that it was inhabited by different civilizations. Although it is considered the most western in the Arab World, it still preserves historical ruins. Visit the downtown area with the King Abdullah Mosque, and The Citadel hill of Amman, home to the Temple of Hercules (supposedly built during the Romans); the Roman Forum and the Roman Theatre and of course the Jordan Archaoelogical Museum. The newest mosque is the King Abdullah I Mosque, built between 1982 and 1989.


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Petra is the most stunning city of Jordan and one of the most stunning in the Arab World. It is known as the Rose-Red City for the colour of the rocks in which it is carved and its history traces back to the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt (1550–1292 BC), although it was unknown to the Western world until 1812, when a Swiss explorer discovered it. Visit the Siq, the Great Temple, El Deir – the Monastery – (depicted many times in photographs), the Hadrien Gate, the Tombs…

Wadi Rum

 cool places, Jordan 

It’s not a surprise that this valley cut into the sandstone and granite is called Valley of the Moon. Inhabited since pre-historic times, it carries the drawings and the paintings of the many cultures that passed by. Being one of the most touristic destinations – too amazing to be overlooked – it has become popular especially among trekkers and climbers.


cool places, Jordan

Have you heard about Laurence of Arabia? Well, Laurence of Arabia – Thomas Edward Lawrence – conquered this city during the first World War. As it’s the only area of Jordan overlooking the Sea, it is quite famous for its beaches and its Marine Park. It is very close to Eilat, an Israeli touristic destination.


 cool places, Jordan 

Greece conquered this city, which was inhabited mainly due to the presence of the Wadi river. Thanks to its many preserved ruins it’s a location that still interests many. Among these, the amazing oval Forum, the Circus/hippodrome, the Adrian Arch, the two large temples of Zeus and Arthemis, two theaters, Bizantine Churches, two baths, the and city walls. 



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