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Best hotel
to sleep tight

Modern society wants us to be constantly efficient and on track. But what can we do if sleep deprivation affects our daily life?

Can’t sleep well lately? You’re not the only one. The latest trend in specialised hotels, which can help you sleep like an baby is a sign of our insomniac times. 

Milestone Hotel, London

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The Milestone Hotel has a package just for you, valid until the end of the year. With this, you get to meet internationally recognised sleep, stress and performance therapist Tej Saman to consult on your situation. Included in the package you’ll find a relaxing massage session, a gift bag including an Alpha Sleep pod, aromatherapy oils, lavender eye mask and vouchers for further sessions with Tej. There’s also an extensive pillow menu and a list of top tips to help you sleep. And to start off the perfect way, a detox breakfast!

Zen Bar A Sieste, Paris

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It’s a real centre for healthy sleep and so called micro-sieste (in French), mini-naps. “Sieste” comes from the Latin word “sexta”, sixth hour of the day, which describes the time in the middle of the day in which we feel sleepy. This bar features special couches and massage-beds that allow you to recover quickly from the stress of the day, releasing the nervous tension, a getting relief from muscular pain, a considerable improvement of concentration and a general feeling of well-being. By micro-nap, they really mean: a 15 min. nap which costs you 7 euros, but there are many options, like the Sieste Royale of 45 minutes for 27 euros.

Grenada sleep school

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If you are in need of more long-term solutions than a well equipped bed, fly to the Caribbean Island of Grenada  (yes, we are sure you would be willing to do that to get a good night’s sleep) at the La Source Sleep School of Dr. Guy Meadows. The sleepless come from all over the world and attend group therapy sessions – five two-hour classes over five consecutive days – and in a main credo: “stop fighting insomnia, embrace it”. With a PhD in sleep disorders, Guy is the right one to give you tips and targeted exercise. Apparently everyone is back home with an improved average-night sleep (but who wouldn’t, after a vacation in the Caribbean?).   

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

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This medical centre/Thermal Spa in Switzerland will record your sleep overnight and analyse it in the smallest detail. A luxury treatment (£2,270 a night), it is worth every penny, even if you have no problems in falling asleep: pick one of many indulgent activities to complement your treatment, like a honey massage or a “Chocolate dream for Two”, held in a private Spa.   

Capsule box, Moscow

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Opened since January 28th in the Russian capital, the first capsule hotel features fifty tiny, windowless pods, some of which can fit up to three people. Don’t think about the Japanese options (they were the first ones to think about capsule hotels), as this concept definitely recalls it but it focuses more on design rather than quantity. Keep in mind that the capsules don’t have bathrooms, though, but they are fitted with bed, shelf, lamp, small wardrobe and table.





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