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Do you really know what the best mozzarella is?

Pizza is one of the many delicacies of Italy: tomatoes and mozzarella, two simple but delicious things, that made Italian cuisine recognised worldwide. But do you really know what is the best mozzarella?

We all know plain mozzarella, we have enjoyed it slightly warm on a pizza, or in a panino, and we love it. But the best kind of mozzarella is undoubtedly that of the buffalo. But how should it be it is the real deal?

Buffalo mozzarella actually comes from Asia and was brought to Italy during the VI Century, flourishing in the South of the Country.

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It needs to be made with 100% buffalo milk, and divided by hand into pieces not smaller than 500 gr. So leave on the shelf anything that’s cherry-sized, please. Where to find the best of the best? Swide tells you…

South Italy:

 Vannulo, Paestum

luxury food, italian traditions

Tenuta Vannulo takes care of all the mozzarella-making process: from the breeding farm to the making-of the cheese, this place offers the best mozzarella ever. 600 buffalo and a laboratory for mozzarella and yogurt. It goes even further than cheese though, creating leather accessories. What’s not to love…

 Rivabianca, Paestum

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Another great option is Rivabianca, another establishment that follows the process starting with the breeding and creates different types of mozzarella, even smoked provola of buffalo and buffalo ricotta.

Ponte a Mare, Castel Volturno

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A family owned business, Ponte a Mare can count on traditional expertise passed from father to son thanks to a business born in 1950 that has kept the same values and techniques. Ponte a Mare doesn’t own a breeding farm, though.


Casearia Casabianca, Latina

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Near Parco Nazionale del Circeo, one of the most beautiful parks in Italy. With an avant-guarde laboratory and still traditional techniques so that the whole process of production is accomplished correctly, Casearia Casabianca ship both in Italy and abroad!

Tenuta dei Guitti, Latina

luxury food, italian traditions 

Another good option if you want to give buffalo mozzarella a try: Tenuta dei Guitti has its own breeding farm and ships within Italy and abroad. And if you are on Social Media, they have a Facebook account where you can contact them for information and see many pictures of the farm. Enjoy!



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