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Your new social weapon – a Ritz cookery course

The Ritz Escoffier cooking school opens Paris to more than chic shopping

Imagine being able to really cook. Not in the, throw a roast chicken in the oven kind or way, but the ability to really create chic dishes. Welcome then to The Ritz, Paris’ cookery lessons.

Set in the lustrous surroundings of The Ritz Paris, the Ritz Escoffier school trains a new generation of chefs (but don’t panic) it also lends itself to passing on its expert knowledge as an international reference to amateurs and professionals alike. Lessons alternate between theory and practice in the great kitchen of The Ritz. The only drawback is adding the cost of a new kitchen to your lessons.

During the course students are introduced to all disciplines of fine cuisines from pastry making to a knowledge of wines (this course took approximately two minutes of persuasion to subscribe), as well as flower-arranging (harder than it looks) and the secrets of cocktails that will leave your guests importantly with their memories intact this next morning but obviously not their inhibitions.

Practical classes in cuisine and pastry are followed by lunch or dinner, trips to a local market are included on some courses as are demonstrates followed by champagne aperitivo’s (does it get any better?). Workshops vary in length from a two-hour pastry lesson to a children’s course (start them early) or alternatively a five-day bread baking course and by far our lesson du jour a five-day cocktail training course. A gift we’re hoping to receive from the (bar)man we love.

Tailor-made courses are also available and a welcome gift solution for the wannabe chef that already has the Boffi kitchen.

Focus your soufflé on this for more details

Kerry Olsen


Source & Photo Credit: The Ritz, Paris



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