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Perfect sushi
in Milan

Where to eat the best sushi in Milan when you fancy something different to our fantastic regional cuisine? Swide’s pick of the places where you’ll feel like you are in Tokyo!


It’s Fashion Week and you are frantically going from one event to another. But everyone needs a break and if you are familiar with Milan I’m sure you have already tried all the delicious regional options available (and if not, read more here).

So why not get the best sushi in town?


Milan Japanese Food

Mitsuba is a tiny window on Navigli and you could pass it without even noticing it. Don’t make that mistake: creative and cozy, seats only a few but you can always do a take out. On the menu, Yakisoba (buckwheat noodles), tempura (fried fish), furai (traditional Japanese breaded fish with salad and rice).

J’s Hiro

luxury food milano

For some it’s the best sushi place in town. Don’t under rate the minimalist environment of the restaurant. Hiro is a brilliant woman from Osaka who really cares about substance. You tell her what you’d like and she makes your own menu. You can also of course, pick à la carte, but that would hurt her a bit as it would be like wanting a menu at your mum’s house.

Bento Sushi Restaurant

Milan Japanese Food

This restaurant was one of the first in Milan that really believed in sushi. Born in 2001, it has been able to reinvent itself periodically and now offers a delicious menu option called the ‘Bento’ Experience, a journey through traditional and contemporary sushi that is the product of creativity and a worldwide search for the best ingredients. Among the Bento Experience dishes, revisited salmon tataki, minami (steamed lobster and avocado), Bentosfera (seared tuna with cream cheese).


Milan Japanese Food

Yet again, a place to call home away from home. Sumire has quick service, authentic, no frills Japanese cuisine, helpful staff and – basically – great fresh food. At lunch you’ll find many menu prix options. Their specialties are Osaka traditional dishes (J’s Hiro serves them, too). You definitely have to book, but can also take out.


Milan Japanese Food

Definitely the most elegant design among these, the restaurant serves high-quality dishes, elaborated and from rare ingredients. Yoshinobu Kurio himself, chooses the freshest fish at the fish market, and while at lunch sushi is served in the typical bento boxes, by night the presentation becomes more elaborate. Among the dishes, grilled giant crab, moleche and pumpkin flower tempura, seed salad with blue lobster and prawns.


Milan Japanese Food

Starting from the creative and engaging website, Iyo shows a willingness to distinguish itself from the many. A new room, the “fish laboratory” is now available in order to create a high quality preparation.  Among the dishes, nighiri, chirashi, futomaki, all kinds of soup.








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