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Top 10
sea caves in Italy

Top 10 sea caves in Italy

Leave the beach behind and swim through the scorching meridian to seek shelter in the cool of a grotto. Nestle down with your lover in the hull of a boat in the shade of a sea cave as the gentle water rocks you back and forth. Swide chooses the top 10 sea caves in Italy.

There are some spectacular sea caves to be seen all around Italy’s coast. From the famous Blue Grotto in Capri to the extensive cave system of Palinuro, these are some absolutely stunning natural wonders. Swide tells you where to find the top 10 sea caves in Italy.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Blue-Grotto-Capri.

Blue Grotto, Capri

One of the secret natural wonders of the world. So called because the light reflects upwards from the clear blue sea, illuminating the cave with a magical blue light. Today it is a popular tourist attraction but the cave was known by the Romans and Roman structures and statues have been found there. 

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Grotto-of-Zinzuzula-Castro.

Grotto of Zinzuzula, Castro

An exceptionally beautiful Karst cave on the sea that is listed as a natural wonder in need of special protection. The limestone topography of the area gives the cave a unique and delicate eco system above and below the water, the colours are spectacular.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Blue-Grotto,-Taormina.j

Blue Grotto, Taormina

On the Isola Bella close to Taormina in Sicily is a Blue Grotto very much like the famous one on Capri, but it is as yet undiscovered by tourists.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Neptune’s-Grotto,-Alghero

Neptune’s Grotto, Alghero

Discovered in the 18th century by local fishermen the Grotto di Nettuno is part of a cave system that extends for 4 km, including the underwater Nereo Cave, visited every year by thousands of scuba divers. Neptune’s Grotto is accessible by foot and the lit cavern is spectacular with stalactite and stalagmite formations and of course the sea.

op 10 sea caves in Italy-Grotta-del-Poesia,-Salento

Grotta della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Salento

It is said that a beautiful princess loved to swim in the salutary waters of the cave, and her beauty was so dazzling that soon the news spread all over Puglia. So it was that legions of poets from all over the South of Italy gathered in that place to compose verses inspired by its natural beauty. A large karst cave behind a cliff at Roca is a place to inspire. The walls bear graffiti in ancient Greek and Latin.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Blue Marino Grotto, Cala Gonone, Sardinia 

Blue Marino Grotto, Cala Gonone, Sardinia

Touristically a very popular site, but the Blue Marino grotto in Sardinia is one of the most famous for a reason. Extensive and easily accessible you will pass from hall to hall of cool, cavernous, echoing shelter.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Gargano-Sea-Caves,-Puglia.

Gargano Sea Caves, Puglia

Cave of the two eyes, Cave of tomatoes, contrabbandieri Cave and other caves,
each of the sea caves of Vieste has something different with a mix of light and glorious colours. The whole area is an undiscovered treasure of natural wonders and the caves are amongst the most beautiful n Italy.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-capo-palinuro

Palinuro Sea Caves

The Tyrrhenian Sea on the Cape of Palinuro, Salerno is home to Italy’s most extensive cave system. Thousands flock to the immense underwater caverns for the spectacular diving, but the overwater caverns are just as spectacular.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Emerald-Grotto,-Sardinia

Emerald Grotto, Sardinia

A small but very pretty grotto n Sardinia that is illuminated in the emerald green colour of the waters around the island. Definitely worth a look, but advisable to visit out of season as the number of tourists waiting to gain entry can mean that your visit is too short.

Top 10 sea caves in Italy-Blue Grotto, Cavoli beach

Blue Grotto, Cavoli beach, Elba Island

On the idyllic quiet beach of Cavoli on Elba Island is the Blue Grotto. Only 600 metres from the sandy shore it is reachable by pedalos and small boats. Not the most spectacular grotto you’ll see but utterly unspoilt by tourists and still a well-kept secret.

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