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7 reasons why
coffee is good for you

7 reasons why coffee is good for you

All of you who have chosen to give up coffee as a new years resolution be ware: coffee is actually good for you. Here are 7 health benefits derived from coffee.

For many coffee fanatics like me, the smell of coffee is comforting, fortifying and warming at the same time. Nothing says good morning like a creamy cup of espresso, and the thought of giving it up seems just ludicrous. Many researches in recent years have warned that coffee heightens blood pressure and contributes to other symptoms, yet many have been disputed or disproved. Here are 7 health benefits derived from coffee.

Cardio Vascular Health
A Japanese study conducted on 27 healthy adults has demonstrated for the first time that drinking 1 cup of coffee helps small blood vessel circulation. By heightening only slightly the blood pressure, caffeine contributed to a 30% rise in blood irrigation in the peripheral limbs like hands and feet.

7 reasons why coffee is good for you

Type 2 Diabetes
According to research carried out by the for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) drinking 3-4 cups of coffee per day lowers the risk off developing type 2 diabetes by approximately 25%. Why? It seems that coffee aids the metabolism of carbohydrates and helps balance glucose.

Liver Cancer
A recent meta analysis which comprehends 16 studies and 3.153 liver cancer cases has proven that coffee reduces of about 40% the risk of a Hepatocellular carcinoma. Further, 9 studies have shown that individuals who drink 3 cups per day lower the risk of the disease by more than 50%.

7 reasons why coffee is good for you

Endometrial Cancer
Drinking coffee can also lower the risk of developing endometrial cancer, which represents 3.9% of all cancers worldwide. Of the gynaecological cancers it is common but it has a low mortality rate. In 8 studies, based on over 2,500 cases, the risk of developing such tumour is lowered by 7% per each cup of coffee consumed per day. Coffee contains many bio active products including antioxidants, which have cancer preventing qualities.

A recent Italian study has shown that coffee reduces the risk of melanoma of almost 50%, if drunk daily. The results are more significant in certain individuals, ones with particular metabolic characteristics, yet the findings are very encouraging.

In the past it was thought that caffeine could reduce bone density. A recent study in Sweden, based on over 3,800 hip fractures in menopausal women has demonstrated that coffee has no relation to osteoporosis or fractures.

7 reasons why coffee is good for you

Life expectancy
A recent study published on the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that there is no relation between shortened life expectancy and the consumption of large amounts of coffee. In fact it seems the more coffee one drink the longer the life span. The study followed 229.119 healthy men and 173.141 healthy women between the ages of 50 -71 for a period spanning 1-14 years. They found that the ones who survive din the period between 1995 and 2008 were the ones who drank most coffee, in particular men, who had a lower morality rate compared to non-coffee drinkers.

So, how much can we drink? Healthy dose is between 3-4 cups per day. Over 8 cups is considered excessive and it can cause anxiety and palpitations.
And what’s inside a cup of coffee? An espresso from the bar contains 40 milligrams of caffeine, while home made espresso contains 80 and American coffee about 120. It contains over 900 substances, including important minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and polyphenols. Also coffee has very few calories, so it’s good for the diet.

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