Christian Bona

Christian was born in the mid 1980s in Milan. After having graduated at the Istituto d’Arte, he begins his experience in video making. He collaborated with Bonsai TV as a Video maker and motion graphic designer where he takes his first steps in VJing. In 2010 he moves to Brooklyn and collaborates with a production team looking after the motion graphics for TV ads and music videos. When he moves back to Italy he begins to work with Circolo Magnolia as Visual Mapping Designer and starts to make videos in his own right. In 2012 he set up Crossing Streams for video production.


Returning to the blackboard with chalk.
Grown men who have fun like children.
Football goes back to being just a game, without pretences and without taking oneself too seriously.
Black and white and the positive-negative contrast colours the superimposition of drawings “mess up” the images.
Contrast smiling faces with stern looks.
A game of contrasts which underlines the difference between the Footballer and the Man.