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Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd experience Wanderlust with GQ

Take two of Hollywood’s most attractive actors that hold a special place in our hearts, put them together with a rural community who believe in free love and you’re on our way to a winning silver screen combination for film ‘Wanderlust’. GQ caught up with pair and in the act…

‘Wanderlust’ tells the tale of a Manhattan couple that experience sudden unemployment, causing them to feel the need to get out of the city and back to basics. That is exactly what Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd find when they make the decision to try rural living on a commune where being yourself and free love rules. Seeing as George and Linda’s upbringings have been somewhat different to this way of living, the couple get into some awkward situations that will cue some big laughs. What’s more, with director David Wain (Role Models) and producer Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) in tow, you know you’re in for a good laugh.

Jennifer Aniston in Dolce&Gabbana with Paul Judd on the cover of GQ US

When GQ caught up with the pair, it appeared the theme of the film had left a lasting impression on them. We are no strangers to the beauty of American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, but in GQ we see the star create mischief with her ‘Wanderlust’ sidekick, Paul Rudd. With nothing on top other than a Dolce&Gabbana bra, the cover of GQ that was shot by legendary Terry Richardson sees poor Rudd puckering up for a kiss… even he doesn’t want to. Aniston doesn’t stop there, oh no! Flick to the article and we find Paul Rudd on his knees begging for a treat like a dog. What that treat is, we don’t know but any man would beg for the chance to get cosy with Jennifer when she is in command.

Jennifer Aniston in Dolce&Gabbana with Paul Judd for GQ US

It also sounds like she’s been struck with a case of wanderlust in her person life, too.  She’s ditched New York and moved back to California because she felt the paparazzi were having negative effects on her and her neighbours. So, she did the most neighbourly gesture of all and relocated for the better.

If you also feel like you have an itch in your feet, then I suggest you check out ‘Wanderlust’ before making any concrete decisions. Check out the trailer below see what all the fuss is…



Photography Terry Richardson

Written by Ben Taylor 

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