Celebrities > Star Style > Swide Festival’s backstage Campioni, by A76 Productions Date posted: November 12, 2012

Swide Festival’s backstage Campioni, by A76 Productions

Duffy Higgins and his A76 Productions have realised a dynamic and documentary project for their ‘Campioni’ backstage experience for Swide Festival.

Clean, cropped and dynamic is the motage which, not only gives a sense of how Domenico Dolce brought ut the footballers’ personalities in the photo shoot, but also how the Dolce&Gabbana collection enhanced their personalities and gave them the means to open up in front of the camera.

The video features much more of Mr. Domenico Dolce and his hands-on approach amidst the organised chaos of a backstage fashion photo shoot. Under his direction you can see how the final images took shape and how the designer uses his own personality in engaging with the footballer, from behind the lense, to draw him out.

Duffy Higgins is a New York based director, producer and photographer who specialises in delivering creative video products for a wide range of bodies and businesses that stimulate and actively engage the viewer. His piece for Swide Festival is a study in considered crafting of a dynamic visual narrative, with a minimal use of visual effects, instead relaying on split-screen effect to convey the energy of the backstage experience for the ‘Campioni’ photo shoot.



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