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Chloë Moretz hits all the right notes at Hick screening

Chloë Moretz is not you’re ordinary teenager. Well, she’s a global super star on the way to world domination. When she turned out for the New York premier of her new film Hick even though she was fighting a bout of food poisoning, according to her Twitter, she looked good enough to eat.

Hick is a a teenage rebelious road movie. A 13-year-old Nbraska girl, Luli, (Moretz) runs away from her alcoholic parents takin g a pistol wth her. She falls in with grifter Glena, played by the lovely Blake Lively, who exploits her innocent looks using her in cons and making her an accessory to a robbery. But things get serious when their lives are threatened by a drifter played by Eddier Redmayne.

So she’s not your ordinary teenager, but she is. She started shooting her latest film when she was only 13, she’s no 15 and will be getting her driving licence in August. She told Vanity Fair, “In August I get my permit, so I’ll be kind of driving. I have to. I want to live in L.A. – I don’t really have a choice.”

So, although she’s young, she knows exactly where she’s going. After the huge success of Chloë’s collaboration with Scorsese in fantasy epic ‘Hugo’ she has lined up a whole slew of roles that sees her marked out as the hottest teenage acting property in tinsel town. She stars in alongside Johnny Depp and Michele Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and  next month is set to reprise Sissy Spacek’s legendary part of Carrie in the remake of the Stephan King story of the same name.

 Chloë Moretz wears a Baroque tapestry printed dress from the Dolce&Gabbana FW13 collection

Dark material indeed for such a sunny disposition, but Chloë has long ago proved her versatility and talent for genre roles already having played in ‘The Amityville Horror’, ‘The Eye’ and ’Let Me In’. For a teenager, her output is prolific with other projects for 2013 including ‘Comic Movie, a collection of comedic shorts by nine different directors including Elizabeth Banks and Steven Brill, ‘The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea’, directed by Bill Purple, The Rut directed by Karyn Kusama and ‘The Drummer’, directed by Randall Miller, ‘Dance of the Militrons’, directed by Evan Greenberg.

She recently told Vanity Fair about her new iPad and how she loves using it. What does she use it for? “It’s really mainly for school; I use it for school a lot, ” she said. School Chloë? Really? Where do you fnd the time?

Chloë seems made for the role of ‘Carrie’, if you were looking for a beautiful teenage girl possessed of a powerful gift and a penchant for the darker genres you couldn’t find anyone better suited than Miss Moretz.

by Hugo Mc Cafferty

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