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Luca Legnani & Francesco Calabrese – talking film

This time on “Tea’s Talents” film producer Luca Legnani and director Francesco Calabrese share chinese food with Tea while discussing ghost stories, artistic wisdom and plans to restore Lindsay Lohan’s career.

“It’s not that I don’t like her. I ignore her.” Luca and I are drinking wine and discussing his Friendly Ghost. I just witnessed her turning on his stereo-something Luca says she does often-especially around girls. I’m convinced that she’s in love with Luca and therefore jealous of me. “What if she’s sabotaging your relationships?” I ask. “Oh, I know she is.”

I met Luca at a gallery a few years ago and since then I’ve had the pleasure to ruin his infamous New Gentlemen’s Club parties, attend his “Minema” shows, and, most recently, get drunk and eat Chinese food with him and his friend Francesco.

Luca Legnani, producer, interview by tea hacic-vlohovicLuca Legnani

 Luca Legnani (producer) and Francesco Calabrese (director) are working on a new film together, and telling by Luca’s talent and Francesco’s work, (I’m sure y’all have watched the Bloody Beetroots “Warp” on repeat, if not it’s just below), that shit will be cray. The two are a sweet sight to see in Milan-both super tall, hella hot and intimidating through their glasses. Luca is so intimidating, in fact, that his favorite Chinese Delivery Girl refuses to come to his door, making him pick up orders downstairs. “She never wants to come up,” he complains when she buzzes, “but I’ll slip her my business card.” A true Ladies Man, Luca is known for making the “best gelato in town.”

Directed by Francesco Calabrese

How’d you get involved in Milan’s ‘Art Scene’?

L: When I was studying at Bocconi my friend Luca Martinazzoli and I rode around town on my Vespa every night, just going to gallery openings and getting drunk for free. Eventually we were like, “if this old dude can be a curator, so can we.

Who’s the best artist you’ve worked with?

L: Gwen Stefani was the nicest. I did her “Cool” video in Como and she was surprisingly easy to work with but she chose the wrong actor to play her ex. Some model, totally wrong.

I love Gwen, she was like my first Gaga.

L: Yeah she’s hot because she’s kind of ugly. 

Luca Legnani on working with Gwen Stefani ‘she was surprisingly easy to work with’

Who are you watching now?

L: I’m really into Marzia Gaggioli. She’s a Roman singer, about your age, and she makes insane Youtube videos. She’s even crazier than you. (Impossible).

Francesco Calabrese photographed by Will Grundy for his portfolioFrancesco Calabrese photographed by Will Grundy

How do y’all feel about the “Youtube Famous”? Like, as filmmakers do y’all think it takes attention away from “real artists” or does it help everyone in the end?

F: I think it’s great-the only thing is that anyone can make a video now, so let’s say a kid makes a crappy film, puts it on Youtube, is lucky somehow and gets famous-meanwhile a talented person works on something for years, misses a connection and nobody cares.

You and Luca are filming a movie this summer, right?

F: Yes, I wrote a film about a fifteen year old boy who wants to have sex for the first time-but the film isn’t about sex, it’s about what he goes through, the chain of events that happen, in order for him to reach his goal.

Luca Legnani talking about music and lindsay lohanLuca Legnani 

So what will the soundtrack be? Lana Del Rey?

L: Yeah, and Rovina.

What’s that?

L: “Francesco’s band.” (I learn that Francesco sings for a punk rock band, which sounds kind of like Black Flag would have sounded had they practiced in a Pizzeria).

What’s it like working with a friend?

F: “Sometimes it’s annoying. I’ve been working with screenwriter Enrico Audenino and we spend a lot of time together and sometimes he wants to kill me and I want to kill him. It’s like being husband and wife. But we don’t get to have sex.”

Francesco Calabrese photographed by Sir Bob Cornelius RifoFrancesco Calabrese photographed by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo

Could you save Lindsay Lohan’s career?

F: Sure, I’d write a film about her being Lindsay Lohan and me being myself-but the film doesn’t go well, so I dump her. Then I become super famous and she finds a guy from the suburbs and becomes a housewife.

Do you have a muse?

F: Muses are usually girlfriends that dump you, so I don’t need one. I’m the dumper.

Directed by Francesco Calabrese

Have you dumped every girlfriend you’ve had?

F: Yes. Then I try to come back and they reject me.

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Interviewed and Written by Tea Hacic-Vlahovic

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