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Mattia De Sciglio: made in Milan

Mattia De Sciglio has dazzled in the No.2 shirt for AC Milan in only his second season with the club. A native of Milan, De Sciglio worked his way up through the youth team ranks. With a club known the world over for producing some of the world’s greatest defenders De Sciglio looks like he is carrying on the tradition. Swide spoke to the young Milanese to find out more about him.

With great inate skills, good feet and a ferocious tackle, Mattia De Sciglio could be a role model to any amount of young gifted individuals chasing the dream of playing at one of the world’s biggest clubs as he is never content to rely soley on his talent but is blessed with a mature and serious attitude to work of developing his game.


You were born and raised in MIlan – how does it feel to play for AC Milan?

Playing for MIlan for me is a dream come true, overall because I was born in Milan and came through the Red and Black youth system. To play in the team of your city is exactly the realisation of a dream.

WHat do you love most about Milan?
I love to wander around the centre of Milan because I can see the areas, the monuments, buildings I have studied in Art History up until recently and it’s beautiful to admire the city and to consider its role in history.

Why is MIlan different to other cities?

Because of the fog! Joking aside, Milan is a dynamic city, it’s fun, cultured, tolerant and cosmopolitan.

You came up through the youth system of Milan, when did you start?

I started in 2002-2003, it was the first year there was a team for Experimaental Beginners. My coach was Paolo Bertani and I wasn’t even 10 years old.


Can you give us three adjectives to describe what it’s like to come through the AC Milan youth system?

UNIQUE: because a chance like that doesn’t come along every day. Very few are lucky enough to participate in the youth system of Milan.

STIMULATING: because I thought that this experience could increase the chances of becoming a professional soccer player, and this was my dream

FUN: because it was an amazing experience

When you feel ready for the Serie A?

Since last year, when I started training with the first team. Standing alongside champions like those I gained more experience, I have learned many fundamental things that I took into the games in the course of last season and the current one.

What are the values that Milan has taught you over the years?

Loyalty, the spirit of sacrifice and dedication to the work.

Both Maldini and Baresi have backed you, why?

They are two great inspirational players for me and I can only say that I was honoured by what they said about me.

In which glorious team from the past would you like to could play with?

When I think back to the past, in every season, Milan fielded extraordinary players like Maldini, Pirlo, Shevchenko, Kaka… I can’t pick one season, it was just always a dream of mine to play with them.

There is a player that has a style of play similar to your own?

No, no one else.

What were the biggest sacrifices you made on the road to becoming a footballer?

When I was at school would often train in the afternoon and then having to study in the evening. My friends would often organise to go out together but I couldn’t because I had to study. But I wanted to acheive my goal, at all costs, it was definitely worth it!


What can you do to improve your game?

I would like to be able to score more goals.

An to improve your character?

I would like to be less touchy.

Your favourite dish? SPAGHETTI CARBONARA

Your Favourite music?  I’ll listen to anything, but I love Linkin Park.

Do you read? What?

Unfortunately, I read little, although I love books.

Cinema? The films you love?

I really like Cinema and my favourite genres are action, thrillers and comedy. ‘The Hangover’ is without a doubt one of my all-time favourites – I’m really looking forward to seeing the third one when it comes out.

Do you use social networks?

Use Facebook very little. It’s my public profile so I just use it with my friends and that’s it.

Do you prefer holidays at the sea or in the mountains?

Both! The sea is beautiful I find it really relaxing, but to be in the mountains during Summer or Winter is something that I really like.

Interview by Hugo Mc Cafferty

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