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Aaron Johnson, everywhere boy

On the small screen, on the big screen, in our tabloids and in our fashion magazines… British actor turned major heartthrob Aaron Johnson just seems to be everywhere these days.

The destiny of a teenage heartthrob can be a cruel one for when some of those underage wet dreams grow up Mother Nature can be less than generous. Luckily it isn’t the way things went as far as Aaron Johnson is concerned: he was positively adorable as the perfect 15-year old boyfriend in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Less then a year went by before he starred opposite Carey Mulligan as a short-lived half of a pregnant young couple; some would say that was prophetic considering the turn things would later take for real-life Aaron and his notorious artist lover. Either way by then, less than a year on, Aaron has already positively blossomed before our eyes and there was more than a little hint of raw masculinity to his rendition of Bennett in The Greatest.

It was then than Aaron hit something of a “big time” with his future fiancée’s directorial debut Nowhere Boy, a striking journey into the life of a 15-year old John Lennon. And while this may have been yet another teenage role there was no longer any trace of the cutesy perfect snogger to Aaron at that point.

Had things come full circle with Kick Ass and the teenage average Joe with dreams of being a non-super superhero? While the part may lack in suavity and mystique, there is something to say for being able to take on an unpretentiously silly comical role and judging from the first reactions to the film it seems Aaron was able to do just that.


 A life so full before turning 20 would surely leave someone with regrets and a somewhat blasé attitude? Apparently not for this young one: “All the messing around I got out of my system earlier on, when I was 16 and working away from home. In the film industry you work hard and you play hard. I did all that, got it all out my system. And LA? There isn’t a fantasy Hollywood. There isn’t one. Whatever it is, it ain’t there. LA’s just where my work is. It’s so business-orientated and soulless, it’s all about figures. My office is LA, and I don’t wanna go!” Here’s to many more years.


Source: Guardian

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