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What can we learn
from Cher?

Cher, the original diva, is back on the scene and at the age of 67 she is back to empower us all with her brand of dance pop. This is indeed a woman’s world.

“As the old joke goes, after the atomic bomb, the only things that are going to be left are roaches and Cher”

Randy Jones

With her 26th studio album ‘Closer to the Truth’, Cher is getting ready for her comeback to music, 12-years since the release of her last album ‘Living Proof’. We all thought that we wouldn’t get be hearing the husky power of Cher’s voice again, having completed her 3-year farewell tour back in 2005. So… who is ready to say ‘welcome back’ to the original diva?

Famed for saying exactly what’s on her mind and for being one of the most adored original celebrities, Cher burst on to the scene in 1965 as part of the hugely successful Sonny&Cher franchise. Then, her sound was an amalgamation of pop, rock and folk, delivered with her powerful soulful voice. She quickly became one of the prototypes for what a female pop and rock star  should consist of, reinventing herself from the early hippie days to her later outlandish and fun outfits. It was also her punk attitude that people loved her for… way before punk was ‘a thing’.

Being a key figure in female rebellion within the music scene, Cher, along with Nancy Sinatra and Marianne Faithful, became important women on the rock scene and many people following suit. She showed other female musicians and artists at the time that you speaking your mind and expressing yourself is acceptable and that the platforms offered to us via pop and rock are perfect outlets for our message, with one female in particular taking hold of the baton and taking things to another level… there’s no guessing as to who I am referring to… Madonna.

Anyway, the years rolled on and hit single after hit single was made, outlandish outfits were worn and awards for music and film were won. The death of Sonny in 1998 hit the star hard and we saw her take a departure from the rock pop sound that she had become known for and dived head first into the world of disco pop and euro dance… reinventing the star like never before and putting her back in the spotlight with ‘Believe’ a song that seemed like it would never leave the number one spot of music charts… and she found a new successful music formula and has been delighting her fanbase with it and her various wigs, weaves and wardrobe since.

Having embarked on the hugely successful Farewell Tour, which ended in 2005, Cher took time out from the music scene, making various appearances here and there. In 2010 she returned to the big screen in award winning film ‘Burlesque’ that featured two songs sung by the artist, which the critics praised, but we weren’t expecting new music from her… even if fans were pressuring her to do so.

Then 2012 saw the star take to Twitter (which you should follow by the way, super funny) and teased us that she was going to be making a comeback et voila ‘Woman’s World’ crept up on social media platforms. But her return to music hasn’t been as easy as how she makes it seem.

Cher said that, while in recording, ‘The studio was playing Believe and it made me nervous. It really does have good songs on it and all of a sudden I got so nervous.’ That coupled with the fact her collaboration with Lady Gaga won’t be featured on the upcoming ‘Closer to the Truth’ album, has left her feeling slightly on edge about the release of new music… but what does she have to fear?


Surely, at this point in her career, Cher understands the way the way the music world works and the way it operates in today’s climate. If her next album is a hit, that would be a welcome addition to her back catalogue, but as an artist who has already achieved so much during her time in the limelight, Cher really shouldn’t be so concerned with being accepted by those on the current music scene… she’s already earned her place. So what can we expect?

Well, judging by the Paul Oakenfold produced track ‘Woman’s World’ we are set for a kick of female empowerment and another dose of her euro dance pop, perfect for gay clubs all over the globe. Also, Cher has worked with Pink, Mark Taylor and Jake Shears from Scissors Sisters and there are rumours that Timbaland got involved to help out with some production, hinting that maybe we could hear some R’n’B tracks on the album.


The main lesson we are going to learn from Cher’s return is that anything is possible as long as you invest your all into what you are doing. Having sold over 100 million records worldwide, this 67-year-old artist, we are unsure how the new album will contend in the current music climate. But with a new tour also in the diary, you can be sure that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Cher in these coming months.

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