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Noah Mills
is Wracked

Noah Mills

Noah Mills pens and stars in an art house film named Wracked, a 25 minute documentary style film which tells of a man’s first 48 hours once released from prison as he struggles to catch up with the life he left behind.

We’re used to seeing Noah Mills represented as the southern Italian charmer with a hint of cheek and mounds of sex appeal. Noah, however, has shed this persona for his latest project, a film called Wracked.

Written by Mills himself and directed by Victoria Mahoney, Wracked is a gritty short film that looks at the hardship of readjusting to life after jail. There’s violence, sex and drugs, but no rock and roll, in what seems to be a bleak vision on life in Oildale and equivalent towns, and the lack of opportunities for those who aren’t able to escape.


Noah Mills stars in the film as the tattoo ridden Sean who has just been released from jail after a 5-year sentence. We don’t know what he was put away for, but the trailer does give a few hints. While modelling is a very successful career for Mills, his dream of acting has been a long way in the making. Mills studied acting with Susan Batson at Black Nexxus in NYC and furthered his studies with Stephanie Fuery, Terry Shreiber and Alice Spivak in Los Angeles. After a cameo appearance in Sex and the City 2, Mills starred in a film about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers that set him up for this next project.

Director Victoria Mahoney has been dubbed as a truly special talent in independent film, and has already earned a nomination for a Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival in 2011. The Sundance Institute Lab granted Mahoney a number of prestigious fellowships, and Filmmaker Magazine named her as a face to watch.




Credits: Wracked


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