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Relax and reflect: Zac Efron takes time out

Zac Efron exclusive photos of trip to Philippines 2012 hori

During September 2012, Zac Efron took time out from the limelight in the Philippines, where he attended the Penshoppe Fan Con.

 Zac Efron exclusive photos of trip to Philippines 2012 

We all think that the celebrities we read about in glossy magazines have it easy; that they’re lives are all about having fun, looking good and getting who and what they want. Well, we all know that this isn’t actually true and that some of the world’s most famous stars approach what they do as us ‘norms’ do with their daily jobs, separating celebrity from reality.

Sadly, some celebrities don’t have this privilege, whether it’s due to their celeb status, notoriety, fan base or even their management… take Britney Spears for example and her very public breakdown, even when she was at her lowest point, we still hounded her for more more more.


Zac Efron is one of these stars that has had to deal with the world’s media prying into every inch of his personal life but he has managed to do something where others fail and keep some distance between him and the paparazzi. For example, the Hollywood hottie took time out at the Misibis Bay resort in the Philippines, where he made an appearance at the Penshoppe Clothing Label Fan Con, where he even took part in a fashion show, alongside Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick. But this wasn’t the only reason that Efron touched down in the Philippines… celebrities can still be spontaneous.

 Zac Efron exclusive photos of trip to Philippines 2012 

During his time there he tweeted:


“Hey guys! Z here. Rode up the lava flow of Manyon Volcano today. Wishing you the best from the Philippines.”

Images of what Zac got up during his time out there were finally released, showing the young actor in his element, cruising around on a quad bike, zip lining, being towed along by a cow and dropping into a local school to speak to a class of surprised students. The most significant thing that you notice about the images is how relaxed and natural Efron appears to be, knowing that the people who are capturing these images are not invading his privacy but are along for the same experience as he is.

Celebrity and spontaneity are hard to separate as we live in an age where many of the gossip mags and blogs are full of set-up-scenarios, blurring the lines of reality and PR stunt. The use of PR stunts come in various forms; from award ceremonies to shopping trips. There is no hiding the fact that Zac’s trip to the Philippines was a planned affair but it’s rare that we see the star looking so ‘real’. I mean, just check out the smile on his face, crouching in front of the kids at the school.

 Zac Efron exclusive photos of trip to Philippines 2012 

It’s definitely scored him some brownie points.

Zac Efron exclusive photos of trip to Philippines 2012
Which celeb would you like to see being spontaneous and surprising us all with a different side to them that isn’t always visible?



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