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Five men I’d like
to date in 2013

five men to date in 2013

Five men for the five senses, so to speak.


François Truffaut, and many before him believed that a woman needed more than one man to keep her satisfied: one who would serve her physical needs, while another her intellectual ones. If you haven’t seen it, catch Le Dernier Métro with Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu, and you’ll get the general gist. In this article I’ll imagine myself as a Truffautian woman twice over (and a half) and list my five perfect men for 2013.


For the mind, I would opt for Amartya Sen. Not a looker, but at 80 years old, Dr Sen still has a mind to beat competition from even the most testosterone charged thirty something, and that is what makes him interesting to me. I don’t consider myself a simpleton in any way, but his book, The Argumentative Indian, left me a little bit dumbfounded, so I would love to go for a little intellectual intercourse over a bottle of Chateau Latour with this Nobel Prize winning economist and professor at the most eminent universities in the world.

A man I may have just a minor obsession with is Salman Rushdie. By far my favourite author and fatwa subject, Rushdie would be a perfect date for 2013. In anticipation of his next book-please, please there must be another – I would love to get lost in his ostentatious intellectuality and knowledge, and transported by his post modern imagination. His arrogance, a flaw of many, is one of his biggest virtues to me. As a Greek proverb states: seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.



I am not a fan of his football, nor am I a fan of the teams he has coached nor am I a fan of the person, but the diminutive José Mourinho entrances me with his unique sort of magnetism, something like a Portuguese footballing Napoleon, commanding his troops and conquering Europe. I would happily share an evening with José enjoying Madeira in a quaint tavern listening to fado, and being made to feel like I’m “the special one”.

A lover of food could not but hope for a foodie lover in 2013, so my list could not overlook René Redzepi, co-owner and head chef of Noma, in Copenhagen, arguably the best restaurant in the world today. This modern day gourmet’s creativity with food and dexterity in preparing it are truly seductive. His passion for foor and his romantic concept of wiledculture, a sort of sustainable hunter-gatherer cooking phylosphy reveal a softer side to this northern star.



Last but by no means least, Leonardo DiCaprio. Possibly a childhood fantasy from the days of Romeo+Juliette, Titanic and The Beach, Leonardo DiCaprio has still a lot to offer, and well I don’t need to tell you what my perfect date with him would consist of.



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