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Henry Cavill as Superman:
More than just
a killer body?

Henry Cavill plays Superman in Man of Steel Is he more beauty than brains?

British actor Henry Cavill is 2013’s crime fighting hero, starring as Superman in Man Of Steel. But is Cavill just another case of beauty over talent?

In an industry that is dominated by the those that mix the worlds of talent and physical appearance, it isn’t uncommon to find yourself questioning what it is that you find most appealing about the actor or actress that you’re staring at. Women have been subjected to these typecast roles throughout the years and, these days, it’s just as common to see male serving a similar purpose as eye candy. Now, there is no denying that Henry Cavill is easy on the eye but what about the brains behind that body? Is he a victim of being little more than just a Hollywood hottie?


There must be something about the young actor, for out of the 17 screen productions that he has starred in, 11 of them were set during medieval times, ancient Greece and, with that, alongside gods and monsters. For a man born on the British Channel Islands, his rise to fame was rather sudden, with the second film he made ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ was a global hit . Since then, his career has bob and weaved in and out of film and television, leading to a role in the highly acclaimed TV series ‘The Tudors’, a role that pushed his profile back into the public eye.


To be honest, a push wasn’t necessarily required, seeing that Henry Cavill is one hell of a guy. During his stint on The Tudors, Entertainment Weekly praised him for displaying, ‘charm, depth and a killer bod’. A nice mix of compliments Cavill has got himself there and they are certainly not wrong. I mean, have you seen this guy’s body? We’ve been treated of glimpses of it in the past but it was in 2011’s Ancient Greek epic ‘Immortals’ that we really got to see what Henry has hidden under his shirt… but is this one of those sad cases of beauty over brains? Where the talent is respected more when the clothes are off?

Well, not exactly. Yes, the size of his fan base has benefited from his shirtless antics but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that here we have a talent is favourable by critics and those he has worked with alike. Similar to Brit Actor Daniel Craig, Cavill was up for the role of James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’ but just missed the mark, which didn’t stop him then going on to working with Woody Allen in 2009’s ‘Whatever Works’.

He realised that his passion for acting was more than just a hobby, when he tackled the works Shakespeare, at school, a playwright that the actor still admires and quotes today. At the age of 17 he was spotted by casting directors who were looking for a young boy to play Albert Mondego in 2002’s ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ alongside Guy Pearce and James Caviezel. This film gave him the break he needed and he soon started to land lead roles in Hollywood hits.


10 years later, he takes on a leading role as the iconic Superman, a superhero that is celebrating 75-years of saving the public from peril. As Clark Kent, we visit superman’s early years, seeing him struggle to accept his powers and his true identity after he saves school bus full of kids. The trailer shows a troubled Clark Kent, nervous of the responsibility that has been given to him and unsure of how the world will react to who he is… and his iconic super tight costumer, no doubt. Speaking of which, looking by the images below, Cavill is the only one whose body looks like the original illustration of everyone’s favourite superhero. Body and brains are at work here.


This film is going to be big in every sense, with 300’s Zack Snyder behind the camera, Cavill in front of it and legendary Hans Zimmer in control of the score; big action, big score, big biceps and, not forgetting, big heart. Superman’s love interest is served up by Oscar Nominated actress Amy Adams and also stars Kevin Costner and Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner.


Man of Steel will be hitting cinemas in mid-June so you’ll have to wait just a little longer before gawking at the guy.

So, what do you think? Is Henry Cavill just beauty over brains?


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